Mock Jury Focus Group

By | January 13, 2015

I found this opportunity on Craigslist earlier today while performing my daily ritual for focus group opportunities. A Mock Jury study. These opportunities are snagged real fast so its very wise to visit Craigslist Gigs/Jobs several times throughout the day and respond immediately when you see one that looks desirable. See an earlier posting for more on this strategy. The pay on this particular one is not spectacular given the average focus group offering is about $75-125 for 1 hour? Where as this appears to be an all day opportunity. Funny they choose $125 probably knowing full well everyone would respond with that $125 hourly average in mind.

I still went for it. This is a weekend gig so why not.. but remember to add Craigslist searches into your daily routine, you’ll be surprised at what you find here each week! Its free, its simple and typically very high paying. Backpage and Epage are 2 others that are rather useful. Also visit the forum here on my blog for daily focus group listings.



5 thoughts on “Mock Jury Focus Group

    1. paulann2015 Post author

      Oh wow- you just made me remember Ashley! Some time back I joined a site called Ejury.. Same thing however- not a peep and its been at least 6-9 months 🙁

      Craigslist really is the only way to go… and of course being in NJ plays a huge part of my success with these groups. I sure wish more would be available online- even Mintvine its been months since they offered me an opportunity. In a few months I may not be living in NJ and that sure is going to put a dent in my earnings to say the least..

  1. Greg Jones

    “… and of course being in NJ plays a huge part of my success with these groups”

    I guess that would be a benefit of living within a large population, although certainly not enough reason to relocate in one.

    We are in the middle of a population explosion, up from 469 in the 2000 Census to an estimated 509 in 2013. They even put a blinking red light at the stop sign on the highway.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Where the heck do you live Greg? I sure would love to join you.. I am DESPERATELY looking for a new place to live and sadly I feel ‘stuck’ in nj.. I honestly only stay here out of force of habit but in the next few months I am planning to leave but as of right now I have absolutely no clue where I am going.. My requirements are simple.. Internet connection.. : )

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