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By | February 20, 2015

I just finished the qualifier for this Gaming Focus Group and wanted to share it with everyone. Took me a few minutes to fill out and I also had them add me to future invites. As always these are tough to qualify for. Its a numbers game. If you have a few minutes jump on it fast as these are usually first come first serve. This was quite a slow week so I rushed to share this after just receiving the invite 15 minutes ago. Hope some of my subscribers can get in on this! G luck! Also check out this recent posting for some more opportunities!

We are looking for males and females to participate in a paid online focus group about games. The focus group will be taken via a mobile bulletin board, through the participants mobile device. The focus group will take place from February 25th until March 8th. Those who participate will be paid $150 for their time and input.

2/22/2015- Just received another invite $300 multi-week Electronic Consumers Survey


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2 thoughts on “Mobile Games Focus Group – $150

  1. paul2015 Post author

    I have started to play a lot on my Iphone lately too so when I saw this opportunity I jumped on it. So hard to get these studies but the more you apply for the more you stand a chance of getting in. I try to share these as soon as I receive them so everyone has better odds of getting accepted. Would be nice if they recognize my Blog was getting them a lot of traffic and they started giving my subscribers special preferred access.. In a perfect world that would be the case! There is no referral $$ in this for me unfortunately but since I am in the same boat as my readers I enjoy sharing.

    good luck!!!

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