Mintvine / FusionCash Surveys

By | September 28, 2014

A few weeks back I did a post on the hidden bounties of Mintvine.   I wanted to post a simple update by mentioning that Mintvine offers a quick, one question Daily Poll which pays a small $.05/.10 for literally 5 seconds of your time. This small incentive serves as a good excuse to visit the site a few times a week in search of opportunities.  While visiting make certain you have all your profile surveys updated so you receive targeted surveys via email.  I do VERY well with this site, most surveys taking 20 minutes and paying between $1 to $4 for your time. Finally this week after a long dry spell I was approved for yet another $30 online Focus Group which is exactly why MintVine is one of my favorite sites!!! In this business – $30 for 1 hour of your time is huge!

As of right now, Mintvine and FusionCash are my biggest earners for surveys outside of the Amazon Turk world. Both email me targeted surveys and although I still have to struggle with the infamous rejections,  I follow my rules and only accept larger-paying surveys that are specifically targeted to me. Mintvine even lists the estimated time to complete the surveys, which also helps a great deal.

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