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By | April 11, 2015

Ok Folks- I spent this gorgeous spring day at an all day market study but before I sit down and relax I  wanted to share yet another Market Research company you should consider signing up for. I am putting a lot of effort into these opportunities because the pay is extremely high and honestly I had no idea up until recently that there were so many of these in existence its VERY exciting. I gave up 7 hours of my Saturday but earned a pay rate of $45 an hour as a result of taking 2 minutes to fill out a screener last month. Worth noting the company paid the taxes so that $45 was free and clear and that is huge pay by anyone’s standards! These opportunities are real and I plan on jumping on as many as I possibly can. Its a numbers game but your time will pay off ultimately if you keep at it. Add Probe Market Research to your list of winners. Also while you are at it? Checkout PlazaResearch a firm I just visited earlier this week as well and have mentioned a few times in the past. The facility in NJ was huge and the staff was friendly, accommodating and aside from getting paid very well I also had a great time. These studies are real folks- and the pay is fantastic. Obviously living in a densely populated state like NJ has its advantages?  but a lot of these opportunities are done online and don’t require you to visit the locations. All you need is a phone and the internet for the most part.

Also before I forget!  below are a few more University Panels. Keep in mind that yes almost every University offers research studies? but sadly most are unwilling to pay or they instead offer raffles for gift cards. I have absolutely no interest in working for free so whatever I share? Must offer at least ‘some’ paying studies. Universities are saving a lot of money thanks to the internet and sites like Amazon Turk. If they are ok with data they obtain for free? So be it. Lets give quality data to the folks that pay and leave the free ones to people who don’t need money and enjoy spending 30 minutes of their time in the name of science. If you know of any other University sites that pay please share them!!!

LSA Psychology University of MI

MIT Behavioral Research Lab

Princeton University Psychology Department

also checkout 2 that Bridget shared on an earlier post:





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  1. Bridget Berliner

    thank you so much for the plug Paul! i have been a member of plaza and probe for sometime now but haven’t been chosen for anything yet. i seem to have my best luck with 20/20 and focus forward. as far as the university panels, i find it too confusing to search the sites for paying, online studies–once i signed up for an in person one thinking it was online! the two sites i listed send me an email when online, paying surveys are open so i just wait for them to come to me. thanx for the other 3 university sites–hopefully i will get an email or two from them as well! i appreciate all you do 🙂

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