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By | August 13, 2014

LootPalace is a somewhat obscure site that is overlooked on many blogs.  There are several tasks that are offered on LootPalace where the pay is substantially higher then the competition.  HyprMx videos is one such task where LootPalace pays you 3x as much compared to well known sites such as Swagbucks or GiftHulk. This is a perfect example of how vital it is to know what site you go to for what task. The value of tasks varies greatly from site to site and when you are working with such small numbers, so naturally EVERY penny counts.

HyprMx videos are essentially short advertisements, sometimes clips from sitcoms or even special made advertisements lasting 30-60 seconds, sometimes longer.  If you are at your computer and don’t mind pressing a button a few times per hour?  It’s worth it! You can add a few extra dollars to your pocket with little or no effort.

Videos are replenished at 12am each morning on LootPalace. The highest paying offers are available first and then as you exhaust these, you will see the payment slowly drop. Time to go to bed. Its worth noting that ZoomBucks also offers a high reward on HyprMx Videos and these are also replenished at 12am each morning. I run both simultaneously if I want to earn faster.








4 thoughts on “LootPalace HyprMx Videos

  1. paul Post author

    Hi Ashley! I have been really hitting the HyprMx hard this last week- once you get the flow going its hard to stop! I usually start with LootPalace given the payout? When those run out I go to Zoombucks, Gifthulk, and then believe it or not? Cashcrate is a hit or miss but some days they seem to be endless and the pay is $.02 which isn’t bad. I use to love Cashrate but lately its like a ghostown- no opportunities although they DO have the Radio Loyalty and they changed it to a 30 minute timer just like Clixsense so keep that in mind as a backup.

    Would you believe? Just as I finished typing this my Radio Loyalty on Clixsense has a bug.. All day it worked. We jinxed it : )

  2. Brandon

    Quick question Paul, you said you run ZoomBucks HyprMx videos and LootPalace HyprMx videos simultaneously to earn faster. Is that possible? Will HyprMx let you run their videos from 2 different sites at once? Or will they block you?

    Side note, your site here is awesome! I hadn’t even heard of some of the sites you’ve been talking about and I’m trying a couple of them out because of you! Keep up the good work!

  3. paul Post author

    Hi Brandon! Thanks for the compliments! I will be adding a LOT more over the next few months so keep watching : )

    That’s a great point you made about the videos. I always make it a rule never to have 2 HyprMx, Encrave or any other video providers running simultaneously. You will notice that there are a few different types of videos these sites offer so if I’m using LootPalace videos? I make certain that ZoomBucks is offering something different. There are times where both have only HyprMx? So then Ill jump over to another site just to avoid a conflict. Gifthulk and QuickRewardsNetwork are great backups for this reason- they offer unique videos so you wont have to worry about duplicating. but yes- I am REAL careful not to have duplicates running because ultimately they’ll just block your IP address.

    Make sure you also have Swagbucks TV and PerkTV. These can run at the same time as others and help add to your bottom line.

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