Leapforce Independent Contractor Opportunity

By | July 27, 2016

Friend shared this with me earlier today and certainly seems appropriate for what we do here. Check it out!!!

This position is restricted to residents of the United States only

Position Type: Independent Contractor

This is a Personalized Search Engine Evaluator position. As a Personalized Search Engine Evaluator, you will be given tasks that are generated from your personalized content based on your Google account linked to your Gmail address that you use to register with Leapforce. Ideal candidates will be highly active users of Google’s search engine and other products; use Google Play at least once per week; use Google+ more than once per month and have more than 11 people per circle and have a Gmail account with web history turned on.

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2 thoughts on “Leapforce Independent Contractor Opportunity

  1. Maggie

    For what it’s worth – I did this for a while. If you’re looking for more information, there are several Reddit groups that talk about it (BeerMoney is a good one, if you search the posts). The application process is a bit of work, and it requires some studying, so you can’t rush through it, but if you get accepted, you can literally set your own schedule.
    Just a warning, that I didn’t know about at first, when you start, your work is capped, so for instance, you can only work (I think) 10 hours a week, until you move up a level.

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