Keep Applying To Those Market Research Opportunities!!!

By | October 4, 2015

Alright folks the fall is here and its a great time for really pushing hard to earn extra cash for the coming holidays. Over the summer things slowed down quite a bit and I found myself pushing hard on some of the smaller earners such as video and survey sites like Mintvine, Fusion Cash, MyView, DataIntelligence, SwagBucks. Its always important to remember that with these sites you will not earn a lot of money so they shouldn’t be your primary focus. They are great work to do on weekends or secondary to the more profitable ways to earn online but always keep in mind you should  make it a priority to go where the cash is and that would be local focus groups which require you to be on location, or apply for nationwide online opportunities. The bulk of my earnings come from Amazon Turk, Local product testing/focus groups, and online market research firms.

A lot of folks get frustrated applying for the online opportunities. We all do. Its not easy to qualify and there are a lot of folks trying for these so this allows the requesters to be very selective pinpointing the exact audience they are looking for. Its a numbers game plain and simple and you have to look at it as a small time investment which will pay out when you eventually qualify for one. I literally fill out dozens each week and still come up empty handed you just have to keep pushing. Over the summer I was struggling and it indeed is frustrating but the last 2 weeks I management to qualify for 5 in home studies ranging from product testing to daily dairies of my eating habits and mood. It runs hot and cold but all those 2-3 minute pre screens you fill out are investments and all you need is to qualify for a few to make some really decent money. Don’t forget- I share these opportunities daily in the forum but a lot of them are time sensitive meaning you need to apply as quickly as you can so keep watching the forum during the day and you will find over time it will produce results. I can guarantee you if you check the forum throughout the week you will find some opportunities that apply to you. I post dozens each week 🙂

Below is an updated list of some of the sites I frequent to find market research studies. In the forum daily I post only nationwide, in home jobs but don’t forget these sites post many local opportunities which are a bit easier to qualify and certainly excellent pay!

Sites to check daily for opportunities:

Focus Forward


FocusPointeGlobal (Just completed in home study w/them)

SIS International

FG Global

Watch Lab

L&E Research

National Data Research

All Craigslist

Survey Feeds

Sites you need to subscribe to for research invites- I linked them to blog or forum posts so you can see some more info/comments before clicking to the sites:

Esearch (Have done 3 nice paying studies w/them!)

User Research International

Directive Analytics (Completed and paid a study last week)

Resolution Research

FieldWork (have done several w/Fieldwork)

Wendys Advisors (Just because its cool)

Portable Insights


MIT/Penn Online Games

Mom Select

Baker Street Solutions

Video Chat Network

Chasen Research

Q&A Research














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    G it all depends.. I have found most of the larger studies? say from $100+ tend to pay by check but usually most will also offer an Amazon Gift card option 🙂 and of course a few just straight out do a Paypal

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