By | June 4, 2017

A friend passed this along to me earlier in the week and wanted to share with everyone. Its essentially another way for companies to get feedback from consumers on a wide range of topics. The requester creates a panel and users are paid to provide video responses using desktop or cell phone.

Visit the site for more at


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G2 Crowd – Get paid to write reviews on Software
Prism IO – Paid usability testing
Opinion Now Product Testing – Paid product testing
Mindswarms – Mobile video surveys
Superior Research – Market research firm
Qmee – Search, Shop & Share Your Opinion Earn Real Cash


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  1. Louise

    Every time you click on to one of the projects it brings you to some Adfly ad and other inappropriate website…also telling me that my IPad is infected with a virus….please research this….cannot apply to any of the studies!
    Thank you!

  2. Admin Post author

    I had a change of mind and I am no longer going to post using ADFLY.

    All posts from this point forward will have direct links…

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