InnoPoll Bonus Reward – $2 For Doing Nothing

By | May 15, 2015

So I just received an email invite from InnoPoll for a $2 survey. I jumped on it and after answering the basic demographics a message came up saying they apologize but the survey quota was full. Next screen? There is a message that they are sending me a $2 bonus reward for taking my time. How about those apples?  : )

On a side note. When I started the survey a message came up informing members that they now offer a referral program. For every friends email you share with them you get a $2 bonus. I choose ‘no’ and had to snicker because I have talked these guys up both on the blog and on Reddit and sent them several hundred subscribers all for free over the last few months 🙁 . Am I such a swell guy or what?  Oh well.. At least I shared these folks with subscribers and its proving to be solid. If you haven’t joined yet? Take a few minutes. Not a huge earner but simple invites and obviously some bonuses thrown in as well.

5 thoughts on “InnoPoll Bonus Reward – $2 For Doing Nothing

  1. Michele

    Congrats Paul!! I love Innopoll but I haven’t received any notifications in a long time. I just went to the website thinking maybe I had become unsubscribed somehow but no, I’m still on their list. Maybe sometime soon.

    Like Paul said, this is a great one, if you haven’t joined you should. If you do get the surveys they pay immediately.

    Things have been slow for me this week, haven’t qualified for many surveys at all on Mint Vine, Fusion Cash but I was lucky, got two Pine Cone’s this week. Hopefully things will pick up over the next few days.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Hi Michele! Its a frustrating numbers game. After I wrote the blog post? I received a phone call about a local focus group for next week and got all excited only to be told my age group quota was already filled. Its been a tough week for me too so I was thinking my luck all changed at the final hour on a Friday : ( but I am STILL smiling over the $2 even though I missed out on the $150 as sad it is to admit that!
      PineCone has been good to me the last 2 weeks I even received some product to sample which is something I live for. I need $5 more to cashout on Fusion Cash so I hope its not a struggle to find a survey this weekend. I could always use Radio Loyalty to make up a few bucks but I just hate getting paid the lower rate compared to SwagBucks.

  2. Michele

    I cannot get Radio Loyalty to work for me on any site. I’ve tried them all Fusion Cash and swagbucks. I run it and it runs for hours but I never get a captcha. Wonder what I’m doing wrong. I cashed out on Fusion Cash the end of April so I doubt I get to cash out for May but hey, I’ll keep trying. But I am only a couple of dollars away on Inbox dollars. 🙂 I know people complain about that site but I go to it one or two days a week, it might take a long time but hey, I got 30.00 coming soon.

    I’ve yet to qualify for a focus group. I check them all, answer all the emails but haven’t qualified yet but I don’t live in a big area so that doesn’t help but I will keep trying.

    Thanks again for all your suggestions, they have certainly helped me.


    1. paul2015 Post author

      That is strange with the Radio Loyalty argh!!! I wonder what that is all about? There are times where Ill get busy or I run out and forget to close the browser? and if I miss the captcha it tries maybe 1-2 times and then vanishes until I close the browser and start over. In other words it keeps running without giving me points or asking to fill in the captcha. No chance your missing it? Hey have you tried it on your smartphone? I know they offer it from their website and via smart phones although I seem to remember the pay was much much lower. Very frustrating. Have you tried different browsers? I tried using Chrome for Radio Loyalty and it kept crashing but FireFox seems to be working flawlessly for months now. There has to be a solution and its worth figuring out because its free money even if its just chump change.

      I admit these larger paying studies can be real frustrating. I have periods where I cant get a thing and its particularly insulting because the payouts are so high and when I see one that makes perfect sense and I feel I should get it? It crushes me that much more when I don’t. Trust me you will have a week where 2-3 come through and boy does that feel good. Just wait until you see the list of market research firms I am working on. I have another post I have to put out hopefully this weekend and then I can get cracking on finishing the market research firm list. I need to earn more money so motivation is high : 0

  3. Glen Echo

    I’ve done innopoll for a while. Pays reliably. Always looking for other ways to score pocket change. I’ll offer QuickThoughts and mTHOUGHTS… plus anything that accumulates mPOINTS. (Free starbucks for my kids!l) I dumped SOTG because it notified constantly and provided $1.00 in a couple of years. Check out jobspotter, too. I just scored points while on vacation! Suggestiins welcomed, feel free to contact me.

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