InboxDollars & SendEarnings- THREE SIMPLE TIPS to Earn $$$

By | September 28, 2014

Recently, I heard from several folks regarding InboxDollars and SendEarnings and I wanted to take a few minutes to share three simple tips I use to maximize my earnings while spending as little time on these sites as possible. Remember- you don’t want to marry ANY of these GPT sites… but if you develop a passion for a site you should consider larger ones such as Swagbucks or Gifthulk, rather then smaller ones such as Inbox or SendEarnings.

Tip #1) Emailed Survey Invites- Go to your profile under My Account on the main menu and take the time to fill out your Profile Surveys. This shouldn’t take long and only needs to be done once (You should do this on any site you plan on taking Surveys with, by the way). Complete this, and just below you will find Survey and Video notification. Make certain you check the bubble for ‘Subscribed’. You will now receive several surveys each week that are targeted specifically towards you.  You do NOT want to spend time trying to take surveys offered on the site because the rejection rate is horrible and most of the available surveys pay only $.25/.50, which simply isn’t worth it. Don’t get me wrong- you will still get rejected on email invites, but not as often. I receive several email invites and generally I complete 2-3 a week. I never attempt a survey if they are offering less then $1.5. One very valuable tip when using InboxDollars- whenever you get rejected for a survey, take a moment to click on the Survey tab and you will see an option that says ‘Spin the Wheel‘.  You can win up to $5 credit towards future surveys so you absolutely want to do this anytime you get a rejection. Almost every survey I take on InboxDollars gets an extra $.25/$.50 added to it from a past rejection. They are VERY liberal with these tokens so don’t forget this tip!

Tip #2) Paid Searches and Paid Emails– Not many people realize this, but both InboxDollars and SendEarnings actually have a more generous search program then BingRewards. If you search more then 4 days in a week you will also receive a small bonus. Every day I try to complete the 15 search limit on each site.

Tip #3) Paid Emails- This takes 20 seconds, folks. Both sites give you between 2-4 emails each day. It takes seconds to click and then close the page- that’s all that is required. Every week I find several offers- typically websites that pay you $.50/$1.00 to sign up with your email address. These are NOT scams- and most take just a few minutes to complete.

On the surface these are all nickel and dime tasks… but they are simple, take minutes a day, and it adds up. InboxDollars is a much better site then SendEarnings despite being owned by the same organization, so keep that in mind.  But I have used both of these sites for the last year without any referrals to count on and I have earned hundreds simply concentrating on the three tips above several times a week. I cash out on both of these sites every other month. Sure $50-$70 every two months isn’t going to make me rich but I smile knowing most of that came from clicking on emails and doing searches.. Don’t work for surveys – cherry pick the best and ignore the rest. These 3 tips can make these sites worth $500 extra in your pocket each year.





2 thoughts on “InboxDollars & SendEarnings- THREE SIMPLE TIPS to Earn $$$

  1. Continuous Cash Ideas

    Good info Paul. You mentioned some great tips about each site that I wasn’t aware of. I’m definitely going to start searching with both sites every day. I had no idea doing so could be more rewarding than searching with Bing which I make sure to do every day.

  2. Linda

    Way to go Paul the emails are so easy to do too. I think you are on to something with the idea of no bosses. Work when you want to. It is a wise move to make it a goal to become independent of a job job!!!

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