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By | January 7, 2017

Ok folks- going to make this short and sweet. Many of you are probably familiar with the site Inbox Dollars. If you are familiar with them? You probably also know the site is not a big money maker. I wont bash them- it is a legit site but I personally stopped using them because my time is better spent elsewhere. Recently however someone told me they offered a new Inbox TV option. These always interest me because while I am working each day I have a second computer that I watch videos and earn some extra money even if its just $1-2 a day, you do a few of these and it adds up to a few hundred dollars a month. I tried the TV option on my PC and it was horrible.. Fast forward to December and I was talking with my friend and she told me I should try the Inbox Dollars App. So I downloaded the App, and sure enough? The TV option is a winner for me when using it via the app. Not a huge earner, and certainly its not for everyone, but you are paid to watch a variety of videos and its passive meaning it runs itself. Unfortunately, it IS buggy so this somewhat diminishes the passive aspect but over time they should be able to fix those bugs. For me its not a problem because I am at my screen all day and I just reset it when it crashes no harm no foul. Give it a try- these little earners add up and it certainly doesn’t take much effort to watch videos.

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2 thoughts on “Inbox Dollars TV App

  1. John

    I use this app all the time. I have been paid over $40.00 the first time and over $47.00 the second time and cashed the checks at my grocery store.

  2. Admin Post author

    argh- Typical Inbox Dollars.. It initially had a daily limit of $2… that became $1.5.. $1.. now they have it limited at $.50 and its constantly bugging and hardly even worth it 🙁

    Not sure its worth the aggravation now. I do real well with the scratch offs they offer but I still prefer consistent earnings and now at $.50 daily limit? Hardly worth it. I am back to using App Trailers which is earning me $1.5 a day without stress and there is no cashout limit straight to my Paypal. Inbox dollars needs to do better – I was so shocked they actually offered something decent but no surprise they quickly let me down..


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