Important Notice About Cool Work Ideas !!!

By | June 22, 2017

Its moving time!  Over the next week I am going to be moving to a new state. This is going to be a very long and drawn out process which means the website, particularly the forums will not be active for up to 2 weeks maybe more.

For donating members this will have no impact on you. The Facebook group will still be active and my moderators as well as contributors will still be doing business as usual. If you have never donated to the blog you should just keep in mind that everything you read here is information that was discussed/posted in the private group typically 4-5 days earlier. I will be leaving next week and if you are interested in being a part of the private group this would be the time to make a donation so I can set you up before leaving. In the online money making business things change daily particularly with the online focus groups where even getting the information a few hours after its posted you are too late. The private group is simply a dedicate small group of individuals who share information daily in real time whether its surveys, apps, or focus groups- if it makes you money? We share it with each other and everyone benefits. If you seriously want to make money online you need to be ahead of the herd and our group is just that. My paypal is or you can use the donate bar on the top right of the home page. A simple $10-20 donation every few months can earn you 10-20x that. This isn’t making me rich, not by a long shot but a LOT of work goes into this and donations help me set aside time each day to search for more ideas its that simple. Add 100+ other hard workers sharing and its priceless.

Choice is yours.. I will be back, the website will be back but the next few weeks will be silent. Sorry : (

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