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By | March 26, 2015

Passing this appliances study on to everyone in hopes some of us get accepted. Make sure you jump on these quickly folks! Always keeping in mind once the quotas are filled that’s it. I will refrain from sharing it on my Reddit thread until later today so my blog subscribers get first dibs. I have some REALLY valuable sites I will be sharing over the next few weeks once I finish a little more research so stay tuned! You wont believe some of the things I am working on its very exciting. I will continue to seek opportunities both large and small?  but I want to continue focusing heavy on in home focus groups/studies and panels that pay a fair hourly wage compared to the traditional survey sites. Also just a reminder?  if you have some free time please visit the Reddit thread and share your sites and opinions? Would love to talk more with everyone! I have formed some real solid relationships via email and its priceless but I would love to make the Reddit thread a bit more active so we can share ideas. Thanks gang!!!


We are looking for individuals to participate in a paid online focus group about appliances.

The focus group is scheduled to take place in the first part of April.

Those who participate in the focus group, will be paid $85 to $200, depending which session they are chosen for.

2 thoughts on “Home Appliances Study

  1. Greg Jones

    Flunked first question…..”Do you own a smart phone?”

    Maybe, just maybe, they’re looking for the dozen of us left that don’t have one. Long shot!!

    1. paul2015 Post author

      too funny! every time I lie on these things its always the wrong decision.. then when I am honest? I get bounced.. I just got accepted to a hair dye study- I haven’t the foggiest idea when I took that screener. Such a numbers game so I’m just going to keep adding more and more with the hopes that some keeps sticking.

      Mturk treating you well these days? Last 2 weeks have been extremely busy over there for me which is always welcomed.. I’m trying to push hard when things are hot and back away when its slow, and its a pretty solid mindset to work with. When I traded stocks that was the best approach- when it was tough? back away and get lazy but when its hot? push and keep pushing. Human nature tells us to do the opposite ; (

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