Grindabuck Passive Earner

By | August 28, 2017
Been a while since I mentioned a passive earner and I stumbled onto a site called Grindabuck last month I feel is worth sharing.  Its a GPT (Get Paid) site which offers various ways to make money- but what interested me was they have a passive video selection which runs entirely on its own. I earned $55 last month which certainly isn’t going to change my life but considering I did nothing but click a button and it runs itself? Can’t beat that.

Signup is free of course and once you establish your account simply select the video option on the menu and look for the label ‘Video Loyalty’ and the earnings start accumulating! I did mention this site a few weeks back in my ‘Sites Worth Mentioning‘ Forum which I recommend you bookmark and keep checking back for new sites posted there. Below is my Grindabucks Paypal earnings just so you get an idea of how quickly it adds up- also, another huge bonus is they process the payments immediately every time 🙂

2017-08-28 15:42:32 1025 Points $10 PayPal
2017-08-21 17:03:24 1025 Points $10 PayPal
2017-08-13 10:26:18 1000 Points $10 Paypal
2017-08-08 17:38:06 500 Points $5 Paypal
2017-08-08 17:37:56 500 Points $5 Paypal
2017-08-08 17:37:32 525 Points $5 PayPal
2017-07-29 15:54:52 1000 Points $10 Paypal

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