Grab These Apps, and Avoid This One

By | October 25, 2014

Respect Us - We Work Hard!Hope I’m not overwhelming you all with too much information, too quickly. Let me know if you like the pace. Thing is, I’ve been meaning to mention these apps and I woke up with some Saturday morning gusto, so I’m going to throw one more post your way.

I don’t use a lot of smart phone apps to make money simply because most of them don’t pay very well. There are some excellent shopping/coupon apps, but those never really appealed to me as a single person living alone. PerkTV is my favorite–and without fail every month I cash out for Domino’s Pizza or Amazon. Incidentally, PerkTV does in fact offer Paypal cashout, but they charge for the service, which cuts into your earnings way too much for it to be worthwhile. An Amazon gift card is just as good as cash anyway, given that they sell practically anything you’d need. SwagBucks offers SwagBucksTV, which is a way to make an extra 36 SwagBucks watching videos on your smartphone. Once you deplete that, you can use another application called Entertainow which can add another 40 SwagBucks . But be forewarned: Entertainow is buggy and you have to watch more then double the amount of material just to get your Swagbucks, so it’s a mediocre replacement.

AppTrailers might be worth a look. This will NOT be a big earner so let me be clear right up front. The original idea behind AppTrailers was that you received payment for watching software application ads and Movie trailers. This morphed into Music Videos, TMZ Channel, Promos and one really cool feature which is user uploaded videos similar to Youtube but a bit more raw. I earn about $10 a month watching videos, and believe me it takes a LONG time to make even $1. I boost my earnings by occasionally downloading an app or doing a promotional task but if you want to turn this into a money maker, you need to be willing to upload videos. As people watch your videos, you receive points and this is in fact the true secret to making money with App Trailers. Like I said- not a big earner but if you are willing to upload videos, you should be able to earn an extra $20-30 a month.

Instant Rewards by FlashPoint Media LLC – Folks, if I achieve anything by running this website, it would be to prevent people from being cheated and abused. I have mentioned many times that customer support is lacking in this business and that’s an understatement. However, I have very rarely been cheated or had an account closed. Until Instant Rewards. My recommendation: AVOID Instant Rewards. I had the displeasure of trying this application over the last month. The rewards seemed decent. They offer payment for downloads and videos, same routine as App Trailers and I quickly gravitated to the videos which paid 1 penny per view, which was fantastic. I quickly raised a few dollars and decided to do a cash out. The software produced an error so I decided to contact support. Having not heard back after some time, I rewrote my email and mentioned this was my second attempt and it concerned me nobody was writing back. Not only did I receive a verbal lashing in response, but when I tried to log into my account I realized I was deleted from the system. I wrote them asking for my payment and the response was simply ‘Your account has been banned and do NOT attempt to open another one- We have the right to remove accounts at will and you have forfeited your payment’. I was stunned… but apparently the REAL blame here falls on me because I didn’t do my homework and research these folks, as they are known for this sort of sad behavior. I have better things to do with my blog then to make enemies, but my recommendation is to avoid this app and the people associated with it.

More Apps That Earn
Since I don’t have too many apps that are in use, here’s a comprehensive list from a friend and Netpayout user.

2 thoughts on “Grab These Apps, and Avoid This One

  1. Kay Myers

    I LOVE that you are active and posting LOTS of ways to help us out. I read it all and I also read the blog by your friend. (she has been helpful in increasing the number of sites I use for phone apps and for surveys)

    I have a question about using PerkTV. When I try to watch it unattended on my tablet I find that my tablet wants to shut down after a few minutes. I think you said you were using an old Iphone. How do you keep the phone from shutting itself down every few minutes due to lack of user input? You say you let the app watch the videos while you nap. I really must try again. When I tried these TV watching apps (like PerkTV and Viggle) I found that my Samsung Tab 3 just went to a blank screen and stopped watching the video or trailer.
    Maybe I need to change a setting or something.

    Oh– as long as you do not exceed 5 emails a day about your site I would NEVER consider it spam. (and quite frankly– your site is SO HELPFUL that I am not sure I would consider any amount a problem) I read through all of it, check out all the sites and usually join or bookmark the sites to join when I have a free moment.

  2. paul Post author

    Kay- Perk changed the darn app so now you really have to stay on top of it because every few hours it asks if you are still watching which is totally fair.. but it was much easier without that popup. If you don’t choose ‘yes’ the videos stop.. : (

    A neat tip with Perk and Swag don’t forget you aren’t required to watch the entire video? So you save some time if you skip over some videos..

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