GiftHulk Daily Card Guess

By | August 22, 2014

GiftHulk offers a daily card guessing game!  Silly as it may sound?  It takes just a few minutes and adds a few dollars to my account each month. From the main menu scroll down on the right of your screen and look for ‘Guess The Card’.  You simply guess the card and win cash or a daily % boosts on your earnings. I very rarely walk away without winning something : )

Most sites have daily check-ins ranging from $.05-.25 just for stopping by the site and clicking  a tab or two. I will soon compile a list so each day you can spend 30 minutes visiting a list of sites and earn a guaranteed $100 a month.

CashCrate, Mintvine, GiftHulk, SwagBucks, LootPalace – All offer check in $$ just to name a few. Why not take advantage?



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  1. Continuous Cash Ideas

    I can’t wait for your list. I already have a few sites that I’m starting to do daily check ins with. I’m looking forward to comparing it with yours. Thanks for the tip about the Daily Card Guess. I just signed up with Gift Hulk so I’m curious to see how well the site will work for me.

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