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By | March 28, 2015

Good morning folks!  Pleased to share this gem with everyone. Take a few minutes to fill out the application and you will have access to various studies sponsored by Georgetown University.  After you complete the short application? they will email you a password and you need to log in and answer a few more questions but the whole process wont take more then 5 minutes. Its important to note that some studies only offer college credits where as others allow you to specify if you’d like payment so just be mindful of this when browsing the available studies however it is pretty straightforward. When you log into the website you will see a list of studies along with descriptions and time slots available for you to choose from. Lets make this a good one and remember to take a lot of care in your responses always keeping in mind that this data is VERY important and they pay a fair wage with the expectation that participants give it full attention.  Below is a brief snip from the website describing the panel:


Individuals 18 years of age or older who would like to participate in research for monetary compensation (usually $10/hour or more) and who are not undergraduate at the university can go to this website. Parents of infants and children 17 years or younger may also sign their children up for studies via this site. 

Through the site you can learn about laboratories conducting research at Georgetown, see examples of current studies, and sign up to enter the database (or contact labs directly for any study you are particularly interested in).

Signing up is free and does not confer any obligation to participate in studies.

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3 thoughts on “Georgetown University Paid Research

  1. paul2015 Post author

    Thanks Bridget!!! Over the last week I looked at a few dozen Universities and you are right! The only negative is quite a few of them ask you to provide the research for free and then they enter you into a raffle for gift cards and such which is something I want to stay clear of. My time is too valuable so I hope over the next few months to weed out the ones that actually guarantee payment and share them with the group. You are so correct when you say it all adds up! I wasted so much time trying to get accepted to $.50/$1 studies on the various survey platforms? in the last 3-6 months I have dramatically increased my earnings by looking past the traditional panels and using sites like Innopoll, Tv Focus Group, Accelerant, Livewire etc etc.. Even though the invites are scarce? The high pay combined with short screening processes make it so worth it. My strategy now is to just keep adding dozens of these to my arsenal and smile all the way to the bank.

    I love your blog by the way!!! I think back to when I first started this insanity and countless blogs of worthless information and false promises. When I see a blog like yours I get upset I didn’t find that from day one.. Would have saved me so much time. Highly recommend others visit your site I cant say that enough!

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