Fusion Cash Online Market Study – $30

By | January 15, 2015

This offer is for folks with a FusionCash account. I cant say for certain if every account will have this offer? At times some of these seem to be broken down geographically but I just received an invite via email from FusionCash titled ‘Technology Study‘. If you are qualified you will take part in a 1 hour online market study next week and the payment will be $30. If you dont have your account set up to receive email invites? Go to the site and check under surveys Survey ID: 31811

Like I keep saying, FusionCash is a fantastic site. If you aren’t a member? You should be. I was accepted to the study and hopefully some of you receive this posting quickly enough to jump on it before its filled up. Hurry!!!

6 thoughts on “Fusion Cash Online Market Study – $30

    1. paulann2015 Post author

      Telise- at the very top of the FusionCash menu you will see a list of options such as EARN CASH and right next to that you will see FC SURVEYS and just click on that tab. This link should take you directly there however http://www.fusioncash.net/fcsurveys.php

      It looks like they just added quite a few studies. The last 2 weeks Fusion Cash has been dead for me.. A lot of new surveys to pick at here.. but of course what we want is the $30 invoke lets face it.. Gluck!!!

  1. paulann2015 Post author

    Darnit- Sorry Ashley! I was afraid it might be based on location or something else.. I think this happened with MintVine in the past when I received an invite and not everyone else was able to access it? How annoying.. The good news here is that its nice to see Fusion Cash offering these Invoke opportunities.. I hope we see more of this? $30 for an hour of sitting in my sweatpants with a cup of coffee in my hand beats a stick in the eye. One thing is certain- we need a LOT more focus group opps because clearly its not easy qualifying.

  2. paulann2015 Post author

    Ashley- I just received a $5 invite from Live Wire for men but I failed to qualify.

    : ( but I still like how active my email has been with opportunities this week. Its a great sign

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