Friday Night Special: Many Updates

By | October 24, 2014

Friday Night SpecialHappy Friday night, folks! Anyone else staying in and staying up late to earn, like me?

I felt this might be a good time to look back on prior posts and update some of the information I provided. If there’s one constant in this industry, it’s that things change rapidly. It’s a genuine challenge to  keep the blog information current – what’s a great deal today can be flat beer tomorrow. All the more reason to subscribe to my blog by clicking on that little blue button in the top right corner. Yeah, that one. Now, you will always be on the cutting edge.

Radio Loyalty has become Radio Cheapskate, as SwagBucks is only paying $.02. This program went from being incredibly generous to paying less than the average. I still love SwagBucks, though. SwagBucks is still my favorite for Encrave and SpecialVideos each day. I am trying for larger surveys with them, but I still find I spend too much time getting rejected for it to be worth it.

I started using my Radio Loyalty with LootPalace. They pay fast and it compliments the HyprMx Videos I watch for a few hours each day. I wish this site offered more, though. If you have time, I recommend monitoring the LootPalace chat room for some excellent tips. They also have a daily “check in” reward  just for visiting. Wish my friends and family did that for me. The HyprMx adds up, but beware it can also be addictive and chew up tons of time, so just make sure you do it simultaneously with another task, such as completing Surveys.

For members of PineCone: Every few weeks PineCone sends out small profile surveys. You aren’t required to take these, but I recommend doing so if you have the time, as these profile surveys are used to match you up with paying surveys.  At first glance, the profile surveys seem longish, especially for no pay, but it will cultivate future opportunities. On another interesting note, PineCone announced a few weeks ago that they now allow payment via Paypal, which is obviously a positive.

Inspired Opinions
Just two quick notes on Inspired Opinions: There is a 5  (or so) day “hold” period before you get credit for a survey. This is common with a lot of reputable sites, but I wanted to give a heads up on this.  I also felt inclined to mention that, earlier this week, I tried three times to reach them via support to ask about the crediting procedure, and as of the end of Happy Hour on this Friday night, they have yet to respond. Argh! I hate poor customer support, but thankfully with Inspired Opinions the main reason I signed up was for the larger focus groups which they are simply acting as recruiters for. But for the surveys they offer, please be mindful that support may be lacking, so be cautious.

I wish SocialSci had more offers. I cashed out for a small Amazon Gift card recently, which I earned with just two hours of taking studies. Make sure you visit the site to look for new studies, they go fast and they apparently don’t always send out email updates.

This site is still one of my best earners for surveys outside of Amazon Turk. I primarily take the email invites, but I also try to visit the site a few times per day and just refresh the “available surveys” page. The average time to complete the studies has been dead accurate and the rejection rates are fair, especially when you consider how well most of them pay. Make certain you have your profile surveys completed. They will pay you to complete it and it helps them target your profile more specifically. Better targetting = less rejections.  As I mentioned in the past, the only downside with FusionCash is that it takes one full month to process your cash out, and it’s a $25 threshold, but if you visit the site a few times per week you should have no problem achieving that.

This GPT site recently added a second survey panel. Under the ‘Earn’ tab you will choose Surveys 2. These are relatively small, $.50 surveys but they seem to be real easy to get accepted. I have been selecting available surveys that are 10 minutes or shorter, so on weekends when Amazon Turk is slow, GiftHulk is a good alternative. I have never had a problem getting paid with this site and although its not my highest earner, it actually borders on fun, much like Swagbucks. Just be sure to be super-selective and find what pays. Next time you visit GiftHulk,  select Offers under the same Earn tab from the home page, and then click on Matomy and then Trending.  This is REAL cool: you can see offers that other users are currently getting accepted to and earning!  If you come to GiftHulk once per week, you’ll find new offers and can easily make a few dollars just following the trending offers. The short story: not a huge earner, but all the tasks are as easy as pie. A great weekend site to explore.

Anyone want to get paid to write reviews for up and coming artists? Gotta admit: I haven’t used STP in quite some time. Its fun, but its not a huge earner and they haven’t been offering the double bonus days, so  I just don’t have the time. Still worth checking out if you love music and Ill definitely get active again when the mood feels right. Very solid site, just wish it paid a little bit more.

Everytime I use BingRewards it gets harder and harder to earn, it seems. They raised the number of searches (to 3 ,now) to earn a penny and long gone are the double bonus days. Inbox Dollars, SwagBucks, SendEarnings all pay more. I still try to use Bing when I’m doing surveys and need to search for something, but definitely not a big earner unless you do it daily. Still great to use if you have a daily plan and want consistency.

I think that covers a lot of updates. Soon Ill be publishing an updated survey list, flag some new apps, and of course as we speak I am working on a few more survey sites. It never ends. Thanks for reading folks, I hope you found some nuggets that will help increase your earnings.

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Special: Many Updates

  1. Kay Myers

    I actually use a cheat bot and get my searches done as soon as I log on to my computer each day. By adding a tiny little bot program I automatically open up a Bing tab that does my searches for me. Sometimes the searches are even in a different language and Bing does not care. I get the credits and I don’t have to put out any effort.
    Also… when I am doing a survey and need information I may still use Bing to look for information as well.

    I am in the process of making up a tally sheet so I can keep track of what sites I have visited and what sites I need to go to more often in order to reach a payout. I realized I had so many sites I was neglecting some and did not want to forget to visit and lose my hard earned work.
    I think I need a way to keep track of payments as well because some surveys and offers seem to be paying slower than expected and nobody can keep track of all of that (even without foggy brain) LOL

    I think I am about to give up on Fusion Cash. It does not seem to be worth my time anymore. Not sure yet.
    Thanks for the great updates!

    1. paul Post author

      Good morning Kay! I’m surprised you haven’t had luck with Fusion cash!! How long have you been using them? Have you completed all the profile pages? you obviously wont get accepted to every survey but the site has quite a few surveys each day that are offered directly by the site and even on horrible weeks I get accepted to several of them. Rejections are unfortunately part of the routine here but I can easily get accepted to at least 1 a day if I push. Sadly so much of this depends on what the site is looking for and what your profiles are like so it just makes it that much harder for us to share our positive results and expect everyone else to achieve the same. What sites work for you? That might be a better question to ask : )

      Regarding using a ‘Bot’ for Bing? I’m not going to preach to you? but I would be very careful. Bing offers these rewards for free.. Even though its such a small payment? The fact that they are affording us this opportunity and literally handing us gift cards for doing nothing more then internet searches I would think fraud is something they would take very seriously. Is it really worth using a Bot and all the risk involved just to get an Amazon gift card for $10 at the end of the month? Like I said- I wont preach but I did want to make it clear that I never have nor will I ever use a ‘Bot’ to increase my earnings whether its Bing, GPT site or Amazon Turk. I understand a lot of people do very well with Bots but the fact is its fraud and hey without these sites? I would be out on the streets right now so why ruin a good thing? SliceThePie has this problem and its really sad because the site is an excellent pass time and its being destroyed by people looking for an edge.

      Just be careful : )

  2. Sherry

    Thank you so much for all you do here to help us. I’m new to mturk and seem to be spinning my wheels. I’m really looking forward to your step-by-step guide. Also, is there some sort of daily list you use? Thanks again!!

  3. Cynthia

    Thanks so much for the updates! I’ve learned so much from you!
    Just a heads up, Bings is having double credits all weekend. 🙂

  4. paul Post author

    Cynthia it NEVER fails! This is exactly what I meant by how fast things change in this business. I trash Bing Rewards? and I wake up to find they are generously offering double credit weekend! Geeesh its like they are watching me : )

    Sherry- Take a look at this recent posting if you haven’t already? EarnersBible

    I have quite a few routines I use each day- eventually when I can find some time id like to have some text written with daily outlines to fit whatever someones schedule is like? Honestly the real struggle is how quickly things change from day to day. Videos are a great example- they aren’t huge earners? but you can do them each day for an hour or so and easily earn $50-100 a month? but they are spread out over about 6 different sites and some days they are plentiful? other days you have to really struggle. What id like to do real soon is have a real time chat room? So each day all of us that are serious can share real time updates as we are working- it would be priceless! My website is still new? So I don’t want to start something like that until I know we have enough participation. Another thought I have is creating a more aggressive email list for subscribers that want several updates daily. This would allow me to just constantly share information as I’m doing it but for the more serious workers it would be priceless real time information.. For now I am very restrained because if I were to send out 3 emails a day a lot of subscribers would consider it spam but once we have enough members I want to most definitely start the chat room and also a more aggressive subscriber list. I spend all day doing this for myself so it would take hardly any effort to add these as long as there are enough interested bodies to help out : )

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