FreeEats Pay-you-to-view Smart Phone Service

By | March 22, 2015

This offer is certainly not for everyone but if you are a true penny pincher like me?  Why not : ) is a pay to view service where you sign up with your smart phone and they text you advertisements and survey opportunities. What compelled me to join was there is a $1.25 sign up bonus which is immediately paid within 48 hours of joining. Opting out is extremely easy and I figure worse case I get spammed text messages which I highly doubt. They offer a referral program so if you decide to sign up? I would appreciate it if you use my invite link.  Certainly wont be a huge earner but even if I get paid $.25 to read a text its worth the effort.  Like I said- this is for the true penny pinchers like myself. I have no shame admitting this. I work extremely hard each day on the higher paying opportunities but I also grab each and every penny that is offered because believe me they add up if you are consistent.® is a “pay-you-to-view” mobile phone network. We pay registered users to view our clients’ advertising and other content on registered mobile devices. If you register, you’ll get paid to receive messages that may contain links to other content, including our own surveys.

The large Internet companies have made billions of dollars by charging candidates, companies and organizations for the right to put their name, products, goods, services, initiatives and experience in front of you so that you will choose them for what you want to do, buy, take action on or sell. We have figured out a way to put some of that cash in your pocket by cutting out the middleman.

Our system allows registered users to be paid to receive and view content on their mobile devices. You get paid for viewing content, instead of Google or Yahoo charging for access to you. Instead of candidates, companies and organizations paying the large Internet companies money to reach you, we’ve leveraged years of experience and proprietary technology so that political candidates, companies and organizations can cut out the middle man and pay you directly for your attention (and in some cases action) on items that affect you, those around you, the country and the world.





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  1. paul2015 Post author

    So far I received 2 text advertisements and both paid me immediately. I also received my first referral bonus- thanks for using my link folks! Every penny counts- and although its only $.25? This is the easiest money you can possibly make. No sooner does the text add come over and then you receive another text confirming payment to Paypal. Wish it was more but hey- its ridiculously easy for a quarter. Well worth it

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