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    The stray cat I feed won’t let me touch him. I’d like to get some flea stuff to put on his food – if such a thing is available. I did capture him in a trap a few years ago and brought him to a local animal organization to get neutered and checked out. When I brought him home and released him, he didn’t show up again for quite sometime. But he knew where to get breakfast and dinner everyday and came back. For a stray cat, he’s very fussy and won’t eat certain things. He lets me know when he doesn’t like something just by the look on his face. He’s come a long way since I first started feeding him. He’s very talkative now and has started to stretch and roll. On a good day, if I put my finger out, he’ll touch it with his nose. Someday he’ll let me pet him.



    Joan : ) I love hearing stories like this..

    I have several sisters.. but my sister that lives here in NJ? Started working in the shelter a few years ago.. and JUST like my sister in NY? once you start? you cant help but start adopting. She just took in a cat that refused to let anyone touch it.. when they fed him? he would freak out just knowing the cage was opened.. She has a huge house and her and her husband work all day.. they have 2 other cats they adopted.. So they took him home.. I was house sitting for them a month or so ago and he would sit at a distance and watch me? and as soon as I stood up he ran away.. He wont let anyone touch him! I give my sis a ton of credit for that.. She realizes he might never warm up to them but shes ok with that.. She figures the house is so big that he can run and hide but still feel free and have a life..

    Cats never seem to forget.. and it stinks because you want to love them and make it work out but all you can do is work with what they let you work with and accept it. Such unexplainable creatures 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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