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    DNAsimple is the match-maker of the genetic research world. If there is a study out there that needs participants like you, we’ll tell you about it and let you decide if you want to participate or not. If you decide to participate, we’ll pay you for doing so! Even better, our match-making platform is 100% anonymous, so no one can see your identity.

    For donors, the basic steps are:

    1. Sign up for a free account at DNAsimple
    2. Provide basic demographic information, such as age and height
    3. Fill out a brief medical history
    4. Wait a few seconds while we check for studies you can donate to
    5. If you don’t qualify now, we’ll automatically notify you when you do
    6. Review any study you match and decide if you want to participate
    7. If you participate, complete a saliva kit at home and be compensated!

    Please use my referral if you sign up! would be appreciated : )
    Have you heard of DNAsimple? I joined because they’re trying to double the pace of genetic research by providing scientists with the DNA they need. You can join, too, and it’s free, anonymous, and pays you $50 each time you donate a simple spit kit from home!

    They also pay you for referrals! So please use my link to sign up: https://www.dnasimple.org/users/sign_up?referral_token=dna-simple-$10-8eaf195746

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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