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    Market Research Opportunity – Breast Cancer Chemo/Hot Flashes (US)
    Hi ladies.

    We have two slots left to make an easy $175 for less than two hours of your time over 3 days on an app!

    A market research opportunity study for women who are in breast cancer treatment and experiencing hot flashes daily. It’s an online app study, easy and pays $175 for less than two hours of your time online! If you qualify and could use some cash – reply TODAY with the following answers, we will reach out if you qualify and get you in this study ASAP. If you know someone outside the Los Angeles area, they may qualify too!

    We are

    type of employment
    type of phone (iPhone/Android – need to download an app)
    currently in breast cancer treatment? Y/n
    hot flashes due to bc chemo? Y/n
    hot flashes how often?
    hot flashes for how long? (in months)
    phone # (we’ll call for a few more questions if you qualify)

    reply to:

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