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By | May 31, 2015

Ok Folks I had some spare time this weekend and was able to put together a forum for the larger paying market research opportunities. I sincerely like this format and those of you that seek these opportunities will probably agree. I wish I had done this sooner but like everything in life it always takes a bit of a push to get started so I thank Reddit for motivating me. Right now this is a huge focus of mine because of the high pay rate these studies offer, so this forum will easily have 6-12 opportunities posted on a given week and by not doing an actual blog post it saves a lot of clutter but even more importantly it saves me quite a bit of time.

Just remember, unlike a blog post?  When I add new studies you will not be notified. I will be posting these as I find them or when I have the opportunity? So its probably a good idea to bookmark the forum directly so several times each week when you have a moment  you can take a look to see the new postings. Trust me, there will be a lot posted here each week but of course lets also not forget these are very hard to qualify for so the more I can find the better our chances. This is something I am already doing so enjoy the added feature and make good use of it. Also feel free to comment on the individual studies or if you want to be generous and have a study or a market research site to share feel free to post it!

I posted quite a few today so have a look and good luck!!!

Focus Groups & Market Research Studies Forum

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  1. paul2015 Post author

    Your welcome Jennifer and thanks for helping me fiddle with it the last few days. Hope you had a great weekend and lets make this a great week! Certainly off to a better start then last Sunday : ) (

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