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By | June 26, 2016

Good afternoon Folks! Hope your summer is off to a great start?  With the summer comes the inevitable slow down we experience each year so it forces me to dig deep and resort to some of the less desirable methods of making money. I shared this on Facebook and thought it also might be helpful to folks that are not following me on Facebook. Good luck out there 🙂


Ok so its a summer Sunday… the absolute worse for folks that work online. Wanted to take a few minutes here to mention a few penny pinching sites I use to earn extra money. These are NOT for everyone- the pay is horrible, and I use these on my second computer throughout the day while I focus on my main earners which are obviously Amazon Turk, Prolific and filling out pre screens for Market Research Opps. They do add up however to the tune of several hundred dollars a month. Also important to keep in mind that I do these throughout the entire day so I am getting the maximum you can from each site.
Nada Mobile– boring, low pay but you can earn up to $1.50 a day watching advertisements. I keep it open next to my Swagbucks and when I refresh those I click the Nada adds. $45 a month I take from this one. https://www.nadamobile.com/?ref_id=paula-ann#.V3ALgJDzxK8
GiftHulk– I watch videos on this one. Open it on my second computer next to all the others and just keep refreshing them throughout the day. Also on weekends I spend an hour or two and download a few Apps and complete some offers. Average about $1.25 a day or $37.5 a month and the cash out threshold is only $5 and they pay in 2-3 days Paypal which is nice. They also offered surveys and not many people are aware of the site so its quite easy to get accepted to surveys. Low paying however but what else is new.. http://www.gifthulk.com/invite/PA381074
FusionCash– This is a GPT site. Its not for everyone because they have a $25 cash out, and if you don’t cash out after a few months you forfeit your $$ which is absolutely ridiculous. They send me a few nice paying surveys each month based on my profile and also each morning I go to the site, watch some videos and do a daily paid to click which totals to about $.40 each morning. Between that and the survey invites I earn about $25 a month. Some people do really well with Fusion and others hate it. I am a creature of habit and it fits into my schedule so I stick with it. http://fca.sh/1metw
Zoombucks– Yet another site I use for videos and sometimes surveys. The surveys are similar to Gifthulk in the sense that not many people use the site so its quite easy to snag a few on weekends. The payout on their surveys is a little better then Gifthulk but still not really worth doing unless its a weekend. I use this each day as I exhaust the videos from Gifthulk. I make about $.75 average a day or $22.50 a month. http://www.zoombucks.com/index.php?ref=paulann1212
Perk– Talked quite a bit about this one. What I like here is I have Perk on my Smartphone and also keep 2 browsers open all day running the videos. The company is publicly traded which equates to unlimited money for them to create quite a solid platform. Its consistent and I even have a Perk Plastic where I transfer my earnings each week onto a debit card I use to by groceries. I average $3 a day or $90 a month here. http://coolworkideas.com/2015/09/perk-tv-for-browsers/
Last but not least Swagbucks. If I had a dime for every time I hear people call this site a scam id be rich. Like all of these task sites Swag bucks can be incredibly overwhelming and that is an understatement. You can get lost here and spend all day trying to make $.20 or you can do it right and earn $3-5 a day. I keep it simple- each day I use it a few times to do internet searches, I watch Ncrave videos all day every day, also Ngage videos and Discovery break videos. Reddit has a huge resource that explains how to use all of these to maximize your gains. On RARE occasions I will do surveys and also check my Swag email for special offers. There are also bonuses credited each month if you hit a daily number. Right now I am doing about $5 a day or $150 a month but again I stress the fact that I am doing this ALL day every day. I rely very heavy on this $150 Paypal each month.
There are a lot of other small sites I go to each day- below are a few links to blog posts if you want to check some out.. No, I am not proud to say I watch Videos all day for $1.50 on Nada or Gifthulk etc etc.. Amazon Turk pays my bills but I realized long ago that if I am at the screen? How hard is it to just press a few buttons every 5 minutes. Those buttons translate into $370 a month. Sure the pay is horrid but you know in all honesty? its all George Jetson worker. Just click click click. Fit it in with what you do.. Heck even if you just do it on weekends to earn an extra $50-100 a month. Its mindless simple work and it pays. Why not???
I also do these which on average bring me another $2-300 a month:

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