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By | January 28, 2016

Good morning!  I managed to find a few free minutes this morning to write a short but important blog post regarding a site I have been meaning to write about for some time. If you enjoy doing in home product testing and/or higher paying online studies is an absolute must join.

Esearch is a market research company that has been in business for over 20 years. What makes them unique is, unlike most market research firms they tend to offer a greater number of smaller, simpler opportunities. If you enjoy doing 30 minute surveys for $5-10?  or receiving products in the mail to test? This panel is exactly what you want! These are similar to the opportunities you occasionally find on Mintvine or other standard survey platforms however with Esearch you will receive multiple opportunities each month without having to ‘stumble’ onto them while taking regular surveys. If you are like me? There is no greater thrill then receiving a package in the mail and getting paid to test it.

I signed up for the site a little over 6 months ago. Although I cannot be specific about what studies I participated in? it will suffice to say you can test anything from toothbrushes to hairspray in fact the last test I just completed sent me product that I use regularly and was valued at over $50. How can you argue with that?

Ok- so here is the downside, and its the reason I hesitated writing about them for so long. When I took my first study, I was shocked when I read that it would take 60 days to be compensated. I started to ignore all the invites they sent because I felt that was just far too long to wait. As promised, I did receive my Paypal payment but I kept hesitating to take more studies until finally I had a slow day and jumped on another. After all, I was receiving product in the mail so why not!  Over the last 4 months I completed a few more studies and now I feel completely confident endorsing the site. If you can overlook the long wait for payment its well worth it! This is a REALLY cool panel to be a part of. Give a try- you wont regret it!

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