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By | November 24, 2014

Unlimited VideosHi, folks!  Very busy so not able to share much lately BUT for those of you that spend a lot of time at your computer or even if you can squeeze in a few hours each morning/evening, keep this in mind: LootPalace has been offering an unlimited supply  of high paying HyprMx videos at 25 Loot-points (or $.04) per video. VERY easy way to earn a few dollars per day. Depending on how much time you can devote to the task it can add $25-50 to your returns each month or even much more. Typically, there is a limit to the availability of higher paying videos but the last five days the flow has been endless. Grab it while you can. This is an excellent source of spare cash for the holidays!

Remember with LootPalace you can cash out with PayPal once you reach $5. But remember: the more you accumulate, the further your reward points go. From the main menu click on “Spend Points” to see how much larger your payout becomes if you wait to cash out at $20 or even $50. I have been waiting for $25, which affords me a payout of about $.04 per HyprMx video viewed. This is the absolute highest payout offered on any site I know of.



7 thoughts on “Endless Videos at LootPalace

  1. paul Post author

    I stopped posting on the forum!!! : ) (

    Quite a few folks that contribute there now post hits in 1/2 the time I can finish them in : ( .. I honestly don’t know how they get some of the times they do so I just decided not to stress it and let them steal the show 🙂 I find that unless I’m in a real lazy mood? its better to just grab all the hits as they come out and if the hit is clearly too long/not worth the pay I just cut it and go to the next.. Turk has gotten so busy lately that the hits are dead unless you grab them fresh out of the gate!

    I would really love to be active daily here on the website with all the work I do during the day? I just haven’t figured out how I want do to it.. I could literally post 5-10 updates a day but not sure if anyone would follow.. whats nice about the survey/gpt sites is the information isn’t quite as time sensitive so you have a window of a few days that the information is still valid.. Turk hits are sometimes dead in 2-3 minutes..

  2. Shawn

    hey Paul 🙂 . I just signed up under you on Loot Palace. it seems like a pretty jumpin place 😉 . I’m gonna look around on it a bit more and probably add it to my blog soon. Do you happen to know how long it takes after approval to get paid from them?

  3. Admin Post author

    Hey Shawn! This site is actually really cool- I learned so much from the chat side bar.. tips/tricks. I have cashed out with Paypal dozens of times and they never let me down- usually pay within about 5 days. Never had a problem at all (knock on wood)

      1. Admin Post author

        disco : )

        If you visit LootPalace at 12am Eastern? the place is HOPPING.. thats when they renew surveys and videos and man that chat room comes to life. Its actually really cool. I use to hang out in the chat room when I first started and I would learn so much stuff.. then I started to realize most of the people in the chat room were under 18. Not that I was there stalking anyone? but it was just funny- all these kids teaching me how to make money. Turns out LootPalace has a lower age limit then most sites- I think 14? or 15? So a lot of kids hang out there and make money and use it to buy software and gaming systems.

        Very cool site tho..

  4. shawn

    interesting 🙂 yeah i think i will give them a go then. i promoted my link in the GPT groups im in on the book of face and got a sign up.. havent been on loot palace in a few days, will chek the soon and see about their surveys and offers and such

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