Electronic Devices Focus Group – $150

By | May 14, 2015

Edit- this offer has expired. See my new forum for current focus group and market research studies updated almost daily!!!

4 thoughts on “Electronic Devices Focus Group – $150

    1. paul2015 Post author

      You got it! We just have to keep finding them and adding them.. I figure the more they thrive? the more market companies/researchers will put money into this segment and we all win… This is some great stuff : )

      I just got back from a small study.. Turk is slow so the timing on that one was perfect and it was my favorite subject too – F O O D

      : 0

  1. Anotherpersona

    For real! Nom, nom. You should definitely do Mystery Shopping, free food, mang. Free alcohol sometimes too. Love those.. now if they would just legalize marijuana.. I could mystery shop them e’rry dae. ^_-

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