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By | June 15, 2015

I finally found another passive earner I want to share with everyone. This wont be a huge earner by any means and it certainly wont be for everyone? but the site is called EarnHoney and it looks to be an excellent source of passive income that requires little to know nursing throughout the day. The site has an Offer wall, Surveys and Games which I will certainly dive into more over the next few weeks to see just how they compare to the sea of other GPT sites but what has my attention for now is the video section. The ability to run videos on your PC all day without having to constantly refresh or nurse it. You will not make a lot of money with this, but even if I earn $1 a day without having to constantly refresh or fill in captchas its priceless to me. I currently run Swagbucks Encrave videos all day which requires a refresh maybe every 10-15 minutes, and also Perk TV which I run virtually all day on my Smart phone with little effort. EarnHoney allows you to watch a set of videos all day and although the pay is quite low? It runs itself and so far after running it for a few days straight I have only had to refresh or re log in about 3 times.  A few instances a notice came up informing me I had watched all available videos and I was subjected to 5 minutes downtime. Once this downtime was concluded the site automatically restarted the videos. This is about as passive as it gets and lets face it, I have reached a point where I can only do so much with 2 hands so finding hands off earners is priceless. Any opportunity I get to add another $20? $30 to my earnings without putting much effort into it? I grab it and run.

Like I said, not for everyone? but so far I really like this site and will hopefully report back in a few weeks that it is in fact comparable to what I do with Swagbucks and Perk video. $25 here, $25 there.

Incidentally this site does offer referral rewards so if you do join? Please consider giving them my referral code? It seems all the low earners offer the referral rewards!  but even if I can earn an extra $5 a month I would be euphoric so please give them my referral code? Would GREATLY appreciate it!!!


5c4EsBRo  (my referral code)


Thanks folks and please report back what you think about this site. I have a feeling if you use Perk or Swag? You are going to jump at this and would love to compare notes going forward. Its new to me and until that first cash out its a wait and see but hopefully this turns into another nice hands free earner. I really like it so far! Fingers are crossed 🙂


EDIT- See forum topic for more about EarnHoney


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5 thoughts on “EarnHoney GPT Site

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Hey Merry!!! Next time you see me you need to give me a swift kick in the butt so I get some more smartphones once and for all.. That and a Webcam. Its unreal how I don’t take advantage of some of these obvious things, I get too complacent. I dragged my feet on Screenwise trend for almost a year and now of course I’m all excited its almost up to $20. All adds up

      Hey checkout the forum conversation about Phone Farms. Some folks could use your advice over there!


  1. Merry

    Another passive earner. just stubble upon this app. Like it very much. Pays you to check in , play games and watch videos (up to 500) per day. The videos run on auto none stop.

  2. Joan

    Is your referral code 5c4EsBRo the same thing as the registration code the Earnhoney registration site asks for? I put your referral code in as the registration code and Earnhoney said it didn’t exist.

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks for trying Joan but EarnHoney dangled the referral program in front of me? and in the end I got zilch..not one! they just stopped answering my emails about it. I have read on Reddit and a few other sites that they did this to a lot of people- I think they are struggling.. but it really would have been nice because I only have a few sites that I promote that offer referrals? and Earnhoney would have been nice because its passive income and a lot of us run it all the time so it probably would have earned me like $4-5 a day so $150 a month which would be huge for me! but I gave up..

      but as much as I hate them? I have to be honest and still refer people to the site since there is value. I mean its really not a big earner at all but it runs itself so even $5-10 a month is worth it.

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