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By | June 11, 2014

Earning $ Online Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Unless you have a garage full of antiques to sell on eBay, finding a reliable and honest way to earn money online is not easy. It seems all the people who claim to earn online are making huge profits — each time the screen refreshes another $100 is added to the pile — and show lots of clipart of fancy cars and vacation homes. Riiiiighhhht… So now, if you dare mention trying to make money online to family or friends, most people will laugh at you or warn you about getting scammed. Sadly, they are correct, as most online money making programs are dishonest or outright scams.

I’d like to introduce you to something that is not only legit, but is actually quite fun. It won’t make you rich but it will provide you with extra cash for a night out at the movies, dinner at a restaurant, or even diapers or essential supplies if you’re struggling to make ends meet. Participating requires no money down and signing up takes just a few minutes. You’ll need a valid PayPal account to receive and withdraw your earnings.

Introducing Slice the Pie

Slicethepie helps bring together unsigned musicians and music fans. The concept is simple: aspiring musicians pay SliceThePie to make their music available to a wide online audience. SliceThePie in turn PAYS YOU to listen to their artists and write short reviews of songs in your favorite genres, from jazz to hiphop, which you specify during signup. (Take note: the music options you pick during signup can’t be changed, so be sure to specify your favorite genres). The rest is simple!

Sign Me Up

You can sign up here.

How to Use Slice the Pie

Easy stuff. SliceThePie forces you to listen to at least 90 seconds of music before you can complete a review. The Play button starts/pauses a song, and you can skip a song by hitting Scout. The Rank and Energy options take the average strength of your reviews and increases your earnings power the more time you put into your opinions. Once you’ve entered your review in the box and are satisfied and ready to publish, you assign a rating from 1 to 10. That’s it.

Now, please be patient. SliceThePie forces you to listen to at least 90 seconds of music before you can complete a review.

Tips on Maximizing Your Earnings

Initially, you may struggle and find the process time-consuming, but I can guarantee that after a few days you’ll get the hang of it and surprise yourself at how many songs you can review in a short sitting. Remember: this isn’t going to make you rich, so it shouldn’t stress you out. I try to visit the site once each morning, I listen to about 10 songs, and at the end of the month I have $50 spare cash.

Shhhh....I’m going to share a valuable secret: At random and without you knowing until you’ve written your first review of the day, Slice will throw in bonus days, during which the cash you normally earn for a review will be doubled or even tripled. I have literally sat at my computer on bonus days until I’ve earned enough to pay that month’s phone bill. When bonus days/tracks are available, it’s worth getting some coffee, turning up the speakers, and reviewing new music for a few hours.

Need Help Getting Started?

Here’s a sample review I wrote that you could build from or use as a template to get started:

Enjoyed this song quite a bit! It is bright, cheerful, vibrant — A soulful and uplifting tune that sticks with you long after its overexactly what I look for in a great compilation. Very professional. The track is a standard R&B number and the artist clearly put a lot of effort into each component, including the high quality of the recording, which meshes all the elements of the track perfectly. The vocals are vibrant and passionate. The lead singer displays a great deal of feeling and its a huge standout for me throughout the song. All of this complimented by the backing instruments such as the trumpet and saxophone, which did a superb job of extending the passionate feeling of the lyrics/vocalsthere is even a mid-point horn solo which caught me completely off-guard and was simply gorgeous! Throughout the song, I enjoyed the mixture of real instruments combined with heavy synthesizer. However, I think I would have enjoyed the track just a bit more if the artist used the synthesizer sparingly. At times, it injected just a little too much electronica into a song that was capable of standing tall with real instrumentation. Fantastic quality recording, wonderful vocals and lyrics, catchy and upliftingI could most definitely see this track being played on mainstream radio or streaming channels. It also has a real ‘club’ appeal to me and would fit wonderfully in a dance club. The artist put a lot of effort into this composition and it shows. Thank you VERY much for sharing this work and look forward to more from this artist!

Slice has an extremely powerful ‘Bot’ that detects certain keywords in your review, which unlocks a method to increase your earnings. In your review, don’t just write “I loved the guitar!” — instead write, “I loved the guitar! The tone was rich and distorted, but not over the top.” If you hear a distortion sound? Mention it! Comment on the lead singers vocals, the range of the artist’s vocals, make note of any instruments that stand out. How is the recording quality? Would you consider the song mainstream? Or is it too polished, or too raw? Get familiar with technical terms — you don’t have to be versed in music theory, but be as descriptive as possible. All those buzzwords will earn you dollars.

Slice has a minimum $10 cashout level you must reach. You may find some complaints online about people not receiving their earnings from SliceThePie. My experience: I have cashed out dozens of times, and have corresponded with the staff on many occasions. The folks running the site are great people and must constantly guard against automated review ‘bots’ and people trying to take shortcuts to cheat the system. I suspect a lot of accounts get terminated due to short cuts. Please don’t ruin a good thing and take that route. It’s stealing and it ruins it for the rest of us.

Respect the Artists! These musicians worked hard, they poured all their hopes and dreams into songs and are looking for your suggestions. Be critical, but please also be open-minded. Don’t be rude or nasty. Be grateful that you and I actually have a hand in choosing what is played on mainstream media. This is a win-win for both the listener AND the artist!

Still Not Sure? Here’s My PayPal Statement

This recent PayPal statement is 100% genuine and reflects my online earnings for the period.

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