Droplet Women’s Health Study

By | April 4, 2018

Join our women’s health study and get $30!

We are conducting a study by mail on women ages 18 to 50 who menstruate for clinical research. Receive a kit in the mail with materials, return postage, and instructions.

We are a healthcare company who’s mission is to make preventative healthcare available to everyone. Our research study is on women aged 18 – 50 who get periods and how to better screen for common health issues. This research is qualified by an institutional review board under IRB Protocol #20172117.

Visit Droplet to sign up!

2 thoughts on “Droplet Women’s Health Study

  1. kelly97z@yahoo.con

    Love the site. A few weeks ago someone posted a old link that listed lots of the research companies out there. Anyway I accidentally deleted it and I went through the main focus group forum and couldn’t find it. Can you post it here or on the main forum again?
    Thank you!

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