Don’t Forget SwagBucks Pays For Internet Searches

By | January 12, 2015

Just a friendly reminder if you have a SwagBucks account you can be rewarded for your internet searches. These simple searches add up over time so its a great routine to establish. Its one of those tasks most of us need to do several times each day so why not get into the habit of being paid for it? In my experience with SwagBucks search program I obtain the best results when I space out maybe 5-10 searches over a 15 minute period. Whenever I try and “Blast” them out the system seems to recognize this and I could do 50 searches and not be rewarded you need to space them out so they know you aren’t a bot. 3 times a day I use SwagBucks search and by spacing each search out by a few minutes? Almost without fail I receive a reward after 5 or so valid searches. Click here to find more sites that pay for searches!



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