Destination Analyst & ESMT Research Lab

By | November 23, 2015

Good morning folks! Discovered 2 must have money makers I wanted to share with the group. These are absolutely free to join and each takes about 2-3 minutes to subscribe.

ESMT Research Lab is another University sponsored lab that offers paid studies. Immediately after receiving my confirmation email I logged into the site and completed an easy study paying $5. This panel is open to everyone not just USA participants. After you sign up make sure you view available studies and hopefully the opportunity I took over the weekend is still available. Regardless, these are fantastic labs to be a part of. Excellent pay, simple studies, and you usually never have to worry about receiving the owed compensation from a university : )

Destination Analyst is a market research firm. I received an email invite late last week. Unfortunately I cannot give specifics on studies I participate in but suffice to say this one was unique, fun and the base pay was fantastic not including the many bonuses and raffle that the study offered. I look forward to receiving more from these folks and highly recommend taking a few minutes to  join the mailing list.

Like I keep saying folks. With Market Research and University Labs? You absolutely want to get your name on as many of these subscription lists as possible. We all know when we started taking surveys the flawed thinking was to join as many as possible and you would have endless opportunities. Of course eventually you realize this strategy does not work with survey panels because so many of them are absolute junk and you will receive a whole lot of nothing for your time. Take that same strategy and apply it to research firms and labs?  and you have a winning recipe. Get on as many of these lists as possible!  Remember- I don’t make a dime off sharing these.. No compensation, no special treatment. This is exactly why you have to struggle to find these- there is absolutely no incentive to promote them. Its one of the best kept secrets in online work. It takes time for you to get your name on enough lists where it starts to pay off but trust me- keep at it and you will get there. This is where the money is folks. Don’t get discouraged and always remember its a numbers game that DOES pay off 🙂



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  1. Admin Post author

    Heya Ashley how the heck have you been??? Long time no talk to!!! Hope life is treating you ok? Not much different on this end.. same old stuff- different day 🙂

    As long as the bills get paid.. barely 🙂

    1. Ashley

      The last several months have been kind of crappy to say the least. Then last month my 37 year old brother died. I’m still in shock and disbelief.

      1. Admin Post author

        Oh Ashley my heart goes out to you and your family- wow, that is heart breaking. So young- that is just so so hard to accept. God I am sorry to hear that. Stay tough even though its easier to say that then actually do it. I assure you I will be thinking about you the next few days 🙁

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