Correction To Earlier Post This Morning

By | August 14, 2018

Terribly sorry folks I made a goof this morning! I had 2 studies I was looking at, one was from a University and the other was a Craigslist posting. I meant to share the University study 🙁  and whats worse is a member just alerted me the $50 User Test I posted does not pay.

Trying to get in contact with them.. but I do apologies, and fwiw? Here is the study from UMD that I meant to post. Grrrrr.

sorry about that 🙁 Click on the link below for the UMD study




Thank you Brady- I owe you one for calling that to my attention 🙁



2 thoughts on “Correction To Earlier Post This Morning

    1. Admin Post author

      Hey Laura! Still trying to get in touch with them but a few folks told me it was no good 🙁

      Hoping we are wrong but the fact that they are not responding to me has me worried.. What scared me was I had 2 studies I was sharing this morning and one of them was UMD a reputable institution but the study they had required people to upload social media information. I panicked and thought the Carrot extension was the UMD study doh 🙁

      Still on the fence on this Carrot study but I am worried its a dud.. Not that its a scam by any means but they simply don’t pay for the data they are getting.. I swear sometimes all of this is like navigating a mine field.. everyone wants free data.. grrrr I will let you know if/when I hear from them!

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