Cool Work Ideas Recap – June 28, 2015

By | June 28, 2015

Busy week!  Hope this message finds everyone doing great! Just wanted to post a recap of some important tidbits.

Very important folks!  if you are using a site and its confusing and you need some help? or maybe you have tips to share?  Take full advantage of the forums and ask away!  Remember- I don’t just write about these things and run a blog?  I am actually working in the trenches just like everyone else so take advantage of this and if you have a question don’t hesitated to start a discussion.  The forums will serve as a database for everyone to refer to and trust me, all of this is very overwhelming so it will be priceless to grow a database of notes to refer back to at times. Another thing I wanted to mention was referral codes. Although there are a few sites I earn referral rewards on? That is not by any means my goal for profiting with this blog in fact ill be straight up and say my motives are to grow the blog over the next 1-2 years so that enough viewers are visiting and I can add special advertisements and videos. My point is- if you use Swagbucks and post a tip in the forum? share your referral link! If you discover a new site? Share it in the forum and use your link. When I do recaps such as this email I will refer to your post and trust me there are a lot of people following this blog now and every little bit helps. I encourage people to post their referral links and hope it helps everyone make some extra coin. Last but not least, I also added a forum which will be pretty much an anything goes discussion group. If you have free time and just want to kick back and talk? this is the place to do it. Everyone needs to enjoy a laugh and take a break at times and this will be the thread to do so!

GSB Behavioral Lab – I had some confusion with this site earlier in the week and was happy to clear it up in this forum post. GSB Lab posts some fantastic paid research on their site and so make sure you are signed up.

EarnHoney – Excellent passive earner. Cashed out without any issues and I now run this 7/24. Not a big earner by any means but it just doesn’t get any easier then this. Also see forum discussion.

Prolific Academic– Just starting to look into this but certainly looks promising. Please share if you have experience with this site!

Perk TV Phone Farm– VERY important discussion that just started regarding Perk TV and adding multiple phones. Perk is the absolute best passive earner out there.

Earnably, Elliot Benson Research, Charger Pay Phone App, MyView Discussion, Transcription Sites.

Paid nationwide studies that are still active:

Dairy Products Online Focus Group – $250

Shopping Focus Group – $100

Zurich Disney Research

Arthritis Research

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