Cool Work Ideas Recap – June 21, 2015

By | June 21, 2015

Another month is almost over! June has been a particularly good month for me however most of the work has been on location product testing and opinion giving which makes my online efforts suffer. That’s OK though because outside opportunities not only pay well but are also pretty darn exciting!  Anyhow, I found some free time on this rainy Sunday morning to outline some of the more important opportunities that you should jump on. The blog Forum is thriving, the opportunities keep getting better and better, and I see nothing but increasing earnings for the weeks/months to come. Simply unreal how much opportunity is out there and if not for the motivation of providing content for the blog I would not even have a fraction of the success level I am achieving from this. There is literally something for everyone whether you spend 15 minutes each morning?  1 hour at night? all day? all weekend?  There is absolutely no shortage of ideas to make money you just have to choose what fits your routine and comfort zone. Thanks for making this blog work folks! Very exciting stuff lately 🙂


Paid nationwide studies that are still active:

Online Shopping Study – $100

Hygiene Study – $100

Paid Research For Moms W/Tech Savvy Kids

Diaper Study – $125

Cat Food Study – $100

GSB Lab Twitter – (These guys constantly post easy 5-10 minute studies that pay excellent hour rates)

This week I started this passive earner and so far I am approaching $10 with virtually no hands on. The browser has needed a refresh from time to time but this literally runs 7/24. Not a big earner but there is literally no effort involved. MyView continues to supply me with fantastic paying surveys and I cashed out for another Amazon gift card with them. Fusion Cash, MintVine also cashed out in June. Fusion can be tricky so if you need help PLEASE stop by the forum, start a discussion on it and I will be glad to help.

Also see below for more great information:

Focus Scope, User Works, The CollaboratoryUniversity of Rochester Studies, Opinion Plus, Transcription Sites, DScout, Iowa Panel, Brand Institute,




8 thoughts on “Cool Work Ideas Recap – June 21, 2015

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Ashley we need you back in action!!! Hope everything is going well on your end?

      I am going to take a break today and step away from the screen.. Pizza and beer for this afternoon. Only live once : )

  1. Michele

    How I wish I lived in an area where there were on site testing/surveys. Just nothing in my area so I will continue all the others online. Thanks for the tip about Earn Honey, I’ve been doing the same since you mentioned it, running it pretty much constantly.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      Well unfortunately for me? I will be in the same boat as you real soon and its got me tossing and turning at night. I have an apartment that I will be moving into hopefully within the next month? Its going to be brand new, spacious, overlooking a nice lake and literally 5 minutes from some of the best hiking in NJ which is my biggest passion in life BUT its up in the mountains and just far enough away to make most of these places I am currently using not worth the trip anymore. I am going to try and work 2 studies that I can do which are on going and see if I can manage to work it so both coincide with each other and the trip will be worth it but I will certainly lose the bulk of the opportunities : (

      Sucks for lack of a better word.. and I guess on that note? You can understand now why I had the brass to start a forum on the blog. I have to start grabbing as many of these online opportunities as I possibly can. Its really hard to land the big $1-200 opportunities but whats nice about being in a crowded city is there are tons of small and quick studies you can do whether its soap, deodorant, food, drink and they pay you $30 for 1/2 hour quick in and out. Those are the ones I am going to really miss because it adds up and that’s easily going to be $200 I need to make up somewhere.

      You better believe I am going to start pushing harder and harder come this fall.. I am going to lose the edge of being right smack in the middle of the action. : (

  2. Michele

    Sounds like a trade off but that kind of apartment has to be worth giving up a bit!! You’re so good at finding the best sites for earning and knowing how to work them that I’m sure you’ll be fine. I grew up in NJ (Clifton) but haven’t been back in years. Still have relatives and close friends living there.

    1. paul2015 Post author

      oh wow it really is a small world!!!

      The food.. That is the one thing that hands down nobody can take from this area! Just everything you could possibly want to eat and multiple options if you don’t like one place etc etc. but as I get older its probably also smart to get away from the food : )

  3. John

    Hi Paul, I just happen to stumbled across your blog and I love it! I am the administrator of a Focus Group Network in Atlanta. Me and a group of people share daily focus group leads, many are online paying quite well. I would love to share them with if you provide an email. We are averaging anywhere from $1000.00 to $2000.00 just doing focus groups. Hope to connect with you soon! Happy Focus Grouping! 🙂

    Best Regards,

  4. paul2015 Post author

    Hey John! Would love to share ideas! That’s quite a chunk of money you folks are making- is that local studies primarily? I certainly don’t come anywhere close to that number myself but would love to get on your mailing list so I could try and mirror what you folks are doing . Its a numbers game!

    You could email me at or if you’d like you are welcome to share information directly in the new Forum! I would have no problem with that at all in fact id be grateful to you! The forum addition to my blog is relatively new but prior to that I had this all on Reddit until they gave me the boot. There are quite a few people visiting the forum every day and its only going to grow. I welcome the ideas and thanks!


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