Cool Work Ideas Recap – August 20, 2015

By | August 20, 2015

Just a quick recap of some valuable links shared over the last few weeks. Summer is starting to wrap up and thankfully we are seeing more and more opportunities each day! Over the last few weeks I have been scraping for work which meant visiting a lot of the old survey panels. I was strict about my rules of only taking larger opportunities and identifying (as best I could) and avoiding the surveys which clearly were not worth the pay and was surprised how well I did. Instead of abandoning these all together I plan on continuing to push for them during the slow hours like early morning, late evening or especially on weekends. Ill stick to the big earners during prime hours but when there’s no work its better to have something rather than nothing.

Some excellent new studies posted yesterday and this morning you may want to jump on these quickly- thanks to the folks who are sharing and hopefully others will follow! You are welcome to post anything in the forum including sites you use w/your referral link.

For anyone who is a member of Earn Honey take a second to read THIS forum post– any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated!

Smoking Assignment – $150

Product Report Card

Research For Men

Nationwide Bike Study- $300

Music Study – $100

Nationwide Phone Interview – $75


Sites to consider subscribing to:

Neito Research Inc.


Good Housekeeping Panel

Opinion Plus

L’oreal USA

Media Barn

Smoke Free Gov. Paid Studies

Franklin Foods Panel












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  1. Cynthia

    Thank you so much for your site, and all the help it was been for me. I came across this offer today on Cashcrate. I don’t have migraines, so the study wouldn’t apply to me, but I thought of you, and/or if you wanted to share it with others. The Cashcrate link disappeared after I clicked on it, but I took a screenprint of the page.

    I hope this is helpful for someone. Thank you again for your site and all the work you do!

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