By | January 31, 2015

Hello Gang!  Over the past year a few folks recommended I join Clickworker. When I finally got around to doing so? It was closed to US residents. Well it appears its now reopened again so I took the time to set up an account and I will give it a try. Not sure if it will live up to the hype? but many people claim it offers higher payouts then Amazon. I do find this hard to believe?  but what I hope is at the very least it comes somewhere in between Amazon Turk and MicroWorkers and I will be happy. Fill out your profile? once you complete that wait a few hours and then click on Assessments where you will have to take 2 qualification test. It isnt required to take these? however once you complete these simple tests you will have access to the higher paying work. We shall see!!

If you click on the above link and sign up under my referral I do receive $5 when you cash out your first $10. Funny- when I set up this blog? I worked these similar sites for nearly a year and never made a dime off referrals. I always believed id make great money once I started getting referrals but I sure was wrong. I plan on breaking down some of my earnings real soon and I think people will be shocked at how little I make in referral money in fact this is one of the first sites offering referral $$ that I have posted in months. The real money maker is the exchange of ideas/tips. That said? $5 is $5 and I would appreciate the gesture if you signed up under my referral.



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  1. paul2015 Post author

    Thanks a million Jennifer! Lets hope this makes us some money!

    After you fill out your profile? It seems to take about 15-30 minutes before the qualification tests show up so just keep checking back. There is an English test which is easy enough, and also UHRS qualifications which apparently are the one that provide more work so we shall see. I will be discussing it on Reddit if things work out-

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