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By | February 4, 2015

I jumped on this site with eager anticipation. Despite all the red flags such as ‘Better then Amazon Turk’, or ‘I made $2000 in a week’ I had to find out the hard way. This site is awful folks. Which brings me to an excellent rule of thumb that everyone should keep in mind when seeking online employment- always consider the referral programs when you see too  many folks praising a site. It took me over 1/2 a year before I even saw so much as a mention of the site Amazon Turk on a blog yet since day one I was constantly bombarded with success stories regarding sites I wouldn’t recommend to my worse enemies. Amazon doesn’t offer any incentive to refer a friend to the site and no surprise if you go down the list and pick out all the sites that offer the highest rewards? They get praised and hyped all over the internet and yet they are horrid for earning online. I am sure some folks can make money on ClickWorker?  but my experience was a waste of valuable time and I suspect a lot others will reach the same conclusion. The platform is clumsy, the tasks are somewhat sleazy and it shouldn’t even be printed on the same page as Amazon Turk which still remains the best of breed.

This brings me to another realization I made recently regarding blogs. If you ever want to start a blog? do it because you have a passion and want to exchange ideas but do NOT get into it falling for the hype of riches. Almost all the sites that are raking in huge money? are sites that sell you on how to get rich starting a blog. This reminds me of my days as a stock trader where everyone would lose money except the people selling you the ‘how to’ books. Ever see the bald guy on CNBC each night? Jim Cramer? Horrible trader, but a great actor. If you follow his advice you would be broke and yet millions flock to his circus of a show each night desperately fooling themselves with the hype and cheer leading. 1 day before Bear Stearns went belly up he was screaming to a caller NOT to sell his shares and don’t be ridiculous! See the Video for a good laugh but keep in mind the following day Bear Stearn announced they were insolvent and people that followed his advice lost EVERYTHING which was NOT too funny. Cramer is a horrible trader and even worse investor and yet hes made his 100 million fortune turning his career around by selling you his bad advice. Over and over in life I see this theme and its getting old and sickening. He realized long ago hard work doesn’t always pay off and the road to riches is selling garbage to the public.  This online work is no different- anyone that is desperate and needs cash learns real fast that this is HARD work for very little pay. Much easier to hype up the sites with huge affiliate programs and leave the hard work to the desperate bloggers trying to work in the trenches. Sorry to rant but one thing I can promise you with my blog? I am in the trenches and I spend about 12+ hours a day doing every thing I write about here. If this site ever starts making me money? I can guarantee it will only happen after years of non stop hard work and sharing where I develop a massive audience. I would avoid ClickWorkers.. and while your at it? Avoid CNBC and especially avoid Cramer. : 0

3 thoughts on “ClickWorker Follow Up – AVOID

  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t even explored it yet because I’m pretty busy on Mturk. I appreciate your honesty.

  2. paul2015 Post author

    Hey Jennifer where have you been hiding!!! : )

    I hope I didn’t jump the gun abandoning ClickWorker? Honestly the site was oversold to me so when reality hit I was disappointed.. I am on this endless search to find another Amazon Turk and every time I get my hopes up reality crashes the party. Please let me know if you have better luck? Heck a LOT of folks here keep thanking me in private about Microworkers and I sure didn’t find it that fruitful? But I think its all about what tasks you prefer.. come to think of it? Quite a few folks hate Amazon Turk so I guess a lot of this is about choosing your own flavor!

  3. Jennifer

    I’ll probably fiddle around with it this weekend. I’ve read some good reviews about it too, but you’re right about the whole referral thing. Mturk has provided me so much more money than just the regular survey sites, but it took 3 years before I even heard about it. No one was talking about it. I will still check out ClickWorker though, maybe it takes some time to work up to an Mturk level? We’ll see.

    I’m always on the look for another Mturk as well. I’ll let you know if I ever cross anything!

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