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By | September 20, 2015

There was a period over the last 9 months where I practically stopped taking surveys except for the larger invites from top research firms like TV Focus Group, LiveWire, Brand Institute, 20/20 Panel etc etc.  Towards the end of the summer however I started to revisit the smaller sites and thought now would be a good time to share which ones are working for me in a quick blog post. Suffice to say- surveys are not big earners and in fact can be frustrating, time consuming and if you aren’t careful you’ll end up just wasting a lot of time for a few extra dollars each month. The absolute best advice? Find a few panels that work? and jump on the quality email invites as quickly as you can. If you select the right group of sites and consistently respond to the email invites your success rate will dramatically increase. The frustration will always be there- low paying studies, dis qualifiers, errors.. but a little aggravation is certainly worth an extra $200 a month in your paypal. Remember- your edge with survey invites is to respond to the invite as quickly as possible!  Over the last 8 weeks I have made it my primary focus to respond to all ‘decent’ email invites as soon as I see them in my inbox and it has made a huge difference in my survey earnings. Don’t hunt for surveys let them come to you. You wont make a lot of money taking surveys so it shouldn’t be your main focus each day but if you simply take the email invites it certainly will increase your success rate and you wont waste hours searching sites looking for opportunities. I currently am averaging about $8-12 extra a day with surveys but in all fairness I do jump on a lot of opportunities to meet that number. One note worth mentioning is a lot of these surveys are pretty simple so I have no problem working on an email invite at the same time as doing another survey or even a hit on Amazon Turk just to maximize my time.

EarnHoney – EarnHoney is primarily known for being a passive earner where you watch Videos. Take the time to fill out your profile which will allow you to take surveys. I will share a secret with everyone- not many people are using this site for surveys and this means you will qualify for quite a few when they are available. They pay $.80 and not once has a survey taken me over 10 minutes. This morning I took a survey on Diapers. I answered all the pre screen questions honestly. 48, no kids, never married and still I was accepted to a diaper survey that took me 6 minutes and paid $.80 which is fantastic payout for a survey. Nobody is taking these surveys! I highly recommend you use this site for surveys its like shooting fish in a barrel : )

SwagBucks – Have been jumping on Email Invites as soon as I receive them with some luck. A good weekend survey site.

MyView – One of my best. Excellent customer support which is priceless. Some of the studies can be quite long so remember to always go for higher pay and cut the never ending surveys.

MintVine – Another favorite. Fantastic customer support and there are daily polls and various bonuses paid for being active. They also occasionally offer online focus groups, diaries and product testing.,

FusionCash – I use this site primarily for the email invites. Jump on the opportunities immediately – if you are selective with these you will find some high paying studies.

PaidViewPoint – These folks send a lot of quick $.1-.20 questions. Its certainly not a big earner but once again I just answer the emails and it slowly adds up

OpinionPlus – Just cashed out some earnings. They don’t send a lot of invites but the the pay rate is above average.

EarningStation – I only take survey invites via email. They are completely different from the ones offered on the site and they are almost always worth a quick $.75 . When you take the surveys offered on the site? There are huge pre screens that take 5 minutes just to fill out and totally kills any value. Just sign up and take the emailed invites and you qualify for almost all of these AND there is no long screener at the start. This is a fantastic edge to be aware of and the $.75 surveys are typically 5-10 minutes long.

Here are a few more if you really get bored 🙂


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