Chump Change – $25 A Month W/Paid Searches

By | August 30, 2015

Ok folks I decided to start a new category of blog posts listed as Chump Change. Over the last few months my earnings have slowed down thanks to the summer dull drums but also my main earner Amazon Turk issued a massive price increase which in turn has forced requesters to lower the payouts and offer less work. Amazon is still one of my best earners along with outside focus groups and product testing but it still hurts to lose $20 extra a day in earnings. As is the case with most things in life however, negatives can be turned into positives and this is no exception. It forced me to use my spare time going back over the dozens of smaller tasks to look for ways to earn extra $20 bills wherever I can find them. As my experience evolved over the last 2 years? I abandoned a lot of these smaller earners and now I realize this was a huge mistake. The truth is- all of this can be overwhelming, and you have to fit each opportunity into your daily life and some folks have no need to earn an extra $25 doing searches or running Perk on your smartphone but its always important to remember with this work? Don’t look for 1 big earner but rather look for dozens of small simple earners you can incorporate into your daily work. It would be silly to try and get rich watching videos or doing paid searches but if you are at your screen how hard is it to get into the habit of opening a few browsers and throughout the day just doing a few chump change tasks? You have to work each task into your daily routine and stay consistent. These $20 freebies add up to hundreds at the end of the month. I plan on putting out a lot of blog posts on this topic. Pick and choose what works! There are plenty available and that’s and understatement.

Paid Searches. This is the epitome of chump change so a great way to make my point with this new category. While I am taking surveys or working Amazon throughout the day I consistently do a few paid searches every hour. Without fail each month I earn $25 extra bucks. Its not glamorous, its not a huge earner, but at the end of the year that comes to $300 in free money. Here is my daily breakdown:

Swagbucks– Swagbucks randomly pays you to search. I have found the secret to Swagbucks is not to try and do a dozen searches quickly but rather open the browser, do 2-3, come back in 15 minutes and do a few more. I can guarantee you if you try and do all the searches over an hour you’ll be lucky to earn .$15 and also be pretty damn frustrated but if you do them randomly taking a few seconds here and there throughout the day? You will easy earn $.25 or more daily.  I earn an extra $8 in Swagbucks each month this way. They purposely designed the payouts so if you try and ‘bang’ out searches they wont reward you. There are days I have earned $.50 or more just constantly reminding myself to do searches throughout the day.

BingRewards– Bing is a bit more straightforward. They give you a set number you can earn each day depending on your status level and you can do these much quicker and get it over with. After you reach various levels you climb up to silver and then gold status. I currently have gold status and earn $.25 daily plus give or take about $.04 more in daily bonus searches and trivia they offer. This number also includes $.10 earned by doing mobile searches. Every month without fail I take receive a $10 Amazon Card from my Bing Searches.

Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings– Aside from an initial $5 signup bonus? These sites are not big earners to put it mildly. What many people don’t realize however is they each pay $.15 a day (.01 per each 2 searches) and if you search each day? They also pay a $.10 bonus at the end of the week. Its also worth mentioning that they each pay you $.02 to simply click on a daily email. So between the paid searches and the paid email? That’s an extra $10+ a month. There are also a few other offers I do once a week on these 2 sites but that I will save for another post. See this Post for some more ideas on these 2 for now.

Hope this new category helps some of you new folks! and also reminds some of us who have been around for some time that these ideas are worth remembering. There are dozens of ways to make $20 a month but very few ideas will make you hundreds. Think small and many because they all add up to hundreds.

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