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By | March 13, 2015

Found this while working on a study this morning and VERY happy I can share this with our group. These are studies offered directly from Columbia Business School with a pay rate of $16 an hour for your efforts. I completed one of their studies this morning and was in fact paid $3 for about 10 minutes work immediately. I cut and pasted a brief description and if interested sign up here. I love passing these along- these are VERY hard to find and compensation is far above average.  

The center is continually recruiting people to participate in online studies. Recent studies have included completing interactive decision-making tasks, short cognitive tests, solving brain teasers, as well as answering questions about taking risks, the value of an improved environment and general questions about politics. In the future, the center plans to incorporate games that assess reaction time and other aspects of cognitive functioning. If you have specific questions about the studies we run, please contact us by e-mailing

If selected to participate in a study, you can expect to be paid at the rate of about $16/hour. Confidentiality is guaranteed in all research and your personal information will never be given or sold to any third party.


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2 thoughts on “CDS Virtual Lab Online Panel

  1. Greg Jones

    Thanks, maybe another PineCone.

    They wanted to know where we found out about them. I checked “other” so the write-in box worked and put “”. Now, they know who to blame!!!

    That’s the first application that I’ve seen with an attention checker. 😉

  2. Anotherpersona

    Thanks buddy-o! I appreciate it, I also put in your website. I’m going to be writing up a guide for my friends and I will be directing them here as well. You rock.

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