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Plaza Research Allergy Study – $150

Plaza Research has been very reliable so always a pleasure to share these with subscribers. You have to note which study you are applying for- you will see there are two nationwide studies being done from the Plaza office in Florida. There is one for Lung Cancer but the one that I applied for is… Read More »

3 Day Online Discussion Board – $150

Suddenly getting a lot of opportunities to try qualifying for so lets jump on them! 3 day  Online Discussion  forum from our friends at Focus Forward. You know the drill by now!  2 minute questionnaire and then cross your fingers. Also in case you didn’t see this posted on Reddit? Ashley posted this a bit earlier… Read More »

Medical Conditions Study – $100 / 30 Minutes

Hi Folks!!!  just passing along a quick Plaza Research opportunity! In home medical conditions study. Not exactly sure what they are looking for but I didn’t qualify… I believe they want someone with a medical condition and whats nice is its an in home study only 30 minutes paying $100. You know the drill by… Read More »

Technology In Business Webcam Focus Group

Hey Gang!  Here is a Technology focus group invite that requires a web cam which I still don’t own. This opportunity appears to be related to peoples work and the devices they use to perform a job so its a very selective opportunity but still wanted to share since not many opportunities came by this week.… Read More »

Online Health Study – $200

Plaza Research is a marketing research company in New Jersey I use for local focus group opportunities and sometimes nationwide online studies. They just emailed me this nationwide/online opportunity that was worth sharing. Takes 1/2 a minute to screen. Good Luck! Plaza Research Paramus is currently looking for participants for an upcoming Health study. As… Read More »

Usability Testing Sites

A few months back a subscriber/friend pointed me in the direction of a site called UserTesting which I made a short mention of here. Sadly up until this weekend? I was unable to really dig into the site because I made a huge and costly mistake, I failed my first test! The site looked so… Read More »

Computer Users Study – $125

I just Completed the screener on this study and now passing it along to you folks. Its an online focus group for computer users so  its safe to assume given the wide audience range it will be tough to snag this but still worth taking 1-2 minutes of your time.  I know some folks may feel… Read More »