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American University Paid Research Studies

Good morning folks! Was browsing Craigslist and found yet another University research panel that is new to  me, The American University Washington DC. Pre screen took about 8 minutes to complete and was quite painless. These are nationwide opportunities all done from your home via the internet with payment averaging between $5-10 for 15-30 minute… Read More »

OpinionPlus and L&E Research

Just a quick update regarding this new Panel I recently wrote about OpinionPlus. Finally received 2 invites this week and qualified for 1 quick $3 survey that took about 10 minutes. There is a $10 cash out level which I am eagerly waiting to hit because I want this panel to prove itself. VERY similar to… Read More »

E-Poll Surveys

I just finished another short E-Poll Survey and decided to look at my account history to see what I earned over the last 2 months. Sadly, its pretty clear this site wont be a big earner for me. The main reason I am keeping this panel active is the fact that all the invites I… Read More »

BI – Brand Institute

Add Brand Institute to your growing list of sites that offer email invites with higher paying opportunities. They don’t offer a lot of opportunities? So the key is to sign up, take a few minutes to fill out the profile and then just wait for an email invite once or twice a month. I signed up… Read More »