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Don’t Forget SwagBucks Pays For Internet Searches

Just a friendly reminder if you have a SwagBucks account you can be rewarded for your internet searches. These simple searches add up over time so its a great routine to establish. Its one of those tasks most of us need to do several times each day so why not get into the habit of being paid… Read More »

Bing Rewards Cleaning House

It seems every 3-6 months Bing-Rewards does some house cleaning. I was always against using a Bot or multiple accounts to rack up points but that probably has more to do with fear of landing myself in jail over $10-15 bucks more then ethics to be honest : ) ( Interesting reading if you have… Read More »

A Week Worthy of Bragging About

Had a fantastic week, folks! AmazonTurk, GPT/Survey sites were all very active. Very busy still, so I  will make this short but sweet… Opinion Outpost – I had all but written this panel off.  A subscriber to the site motivated me to update my user profile and wow, did that make a difference. From this… Read More »

Friday Night Special: Many Updates

Happy Friday night, folks! Anyone else staying in and staying up late to earn, like me? I felt this might be a good time to look back on prior posts and update some of the information I provided. If there’s one constant in this industry, it’s that things change rapidly. It’s a genuine challenge to … Read More »

Getting Paid for Internet Searches

Just a quick reminder!!!    Don’t forget you can get paid cash/gift cards to do all your internet searches with BingRewards and many other sites!  Get into the habit of doing your searches on these sites and you will find an extra $50-75 in your pocket each month.InboxDollars, SwagBucks,  SendEarnings, ZoomBucks, Gifthulk, YouroEmail. They ALL pay you… Read More »