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SliceThePie Worth Visiting Again?

SliceThePie is where it all started for me folks. I was having a rough time financially therefore I lived on Craigslists selling my belongings and looking for odd jobs under Gigs each day. Someone posted the link to their referral for SliceThePie and it caught my attention. Just like everyone else I thought task sites were… Read More »

SliceThePie – $.10 Bonus Per Review

Every so often I like to visit SliceThePie and spend a few days blasting out reviews to earn a few fun dollars. Unlike most other task sites offered here on Coolworkideas,  This is more for a targeted audience so its certainly not for everyone and not a huge earner by any means but I like to post… Read More »

SliceThePie – Earn an Extra $25 Each Month

Been so busy the last few months I completely forgot about one of my old favorites so I figured why not also remind everyone else?  SliceThePie is a unique way to make a few extra dollars. In a nutshell the site allows new artists to upload songs and then folks like us write simple 5… Read More »

Banned From Radio Loyalty? Read This!

SwagBucks offers the highest payout for Radio Loyalty and if you are at your screen all day like I am? this can easily earn you an extra $20-30 a month just for listening to the radio. SwagBucks is currently paying $.10 an hour which is $.04 better then any other site- doesn’t sound like much?… Read More »

Friday Night Special: Many Updates

Happy Friday night, folks! Anyone else staying in and staying up late to earn, like me? I felt this might be a good time to look back on prior posts and update some of the information I provided. If there’s one constant in this industry, it’s that things change rapidly. It’s a genuine challenge to … Read More »

Swagbucks Radio Loyalty

I just discovered that Swagbucks offers $.05 for every 30 minutes using Radio Loyalty. This is double what I have seen anywhere else. I know its not a huge earner, but it virtually runs itself all day and is well worth it if you are at the screen  to fill in the captcha every 30… Read More »

SliceThePie Bonus Limited time

Limited time special from SliceThePie they are offering bonus track rewards.  Bottom line? You get paid an extra .10 for each song you review.  This can add up fast! They do this offer randomly so grab it while it lasts!  Never tried SliceThePie?  You should!  Getting paid to write simple reviews for song tracks- it… Read More »

Earn Extra Cash Through ‘SliceThePie’

Earning $ Online Shouldn’t Be So Hard Unless you have a garage full of antiques to sell on eBay, finding a reliable and honest way to earn money online is not easy. It seems all the people who claim to earn online are making huge profits — each time the screen refreshes another $100 is… Read More »