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Grindabuck Passive Earner

Been a while since I mentioned a passive earner and I stumbled onto a site called Grindabuck last month I feel is worth sharing.  Its a GPT (Get Paid) site which offers various ways to make money- but what interested me was they have a passive video selection which runs entirely on its own. I… Read More »

FusionCash Still A Winner

A lot has changed since I started Coolworkideas and over the last 2 years as I slowly shifted towards market research studies a lot of the smaller money making sites have lost luster to me. One of the few sites I still use as part of my daily routine however is a site called FusionCash.… Read More »

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Visa Checkout – Earn An Easy 500 Swagbucks!

Swagbucks is offering a promotion today only! Sign up for Visa Checkout and earn 500 ($5.00) just for signing up. Thanks to Michelle for sharing this in our forum!!! Took me 2 minutes to sign up so certainly worth it plus it will save me time when ordering items online. You can find the offer… Read More »

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EarnHoney GPT Site

I finally found another passive earner I want to share with everyone. This wont be a huge earner by any means and it certainly wont be for everyone? but the site is called EarnHoney and it looks to be an excellent source of passive income that requires little to know nursing throughout the day. The site… Read More »

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Updates / Ramblings

Lots of small things to mention so I decided to put together a somewhat sloppy but effective post highlighting some of the good and bad over the last few weeks. Hope this helps! MXWRK Browser Extension- I tried it, but removed it from my browser. I was surprised it didn’t create popups or Trojans and ran… Read More »

My Top 6 Survey Panels

This is a republish of the PDF File my top six survey earners. I finally found time this weekend to convert it to a regular post. This list will most certainly change quickly, as is the nature of the biz. I selected these primarily based on high payout, abundant supply of opportunities, and outstanding customer… Read More »