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Needing Product Testers

Good morning folks! Very quick blog post here- it seems these days I am running multiple groups and many people pick a comfort zone whether its the Forum, Facebook Group or just reading blog posts so its easy to miss out on something of substance. is a fantastic site I wrote about in the past… Read More »

OMGYES Casting – $1000

Ok so here we go again! Another ‘racy’ blog post but when you see an opportunity that offers a payout this large I just have to set aside all judgement and share it 🙂 . This is obviously not for everyone but I certainly hope someone takes advantage of it. OMGyes is a research-based website aimed at… Read More »

Probe Market Research

Many of us have done studies for Probe Research in the past and will probably agree they are a fantastic market research company. Reliable, excellent pay and just all around professional organization you absolutely want to be connected with. They just re did their website so I thought this would serve as an excellent opportunity… Read More »

OMGYES Casting – $1000 Per Day

Ok this is for brave females in our group. One of my best contributors on our Facebook Group shared this offer and I just had to send it out as a blog post because the pay is outstanding. Its obviously not for everyone but read on and hopefully someone is interested and cashes in on this… Read More »

Stanford University Social Research Lab

Recently I found an invite on Craigslist to join this research lab. It starts to get real confusing because there are multiple labs in the same University and also it seems every university uses a similar platform. I signed up 2 weeks ago and finally this morning I received my login information. Happy to report that… Read More »

Household Finances – $950

If the subject of this blog post didn’t get your attention I don’t know what will : ) Plaza Research is about as good as they come. Last year I did a study at their Paramus NJ office and they treated us like royalty. Below is a study opportunity they emailed me today which was… Read More »