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Sites Worth Mentioning 7/3/2016

As I mentioned in the forum yesterday- I want to start recording some of the more valuable postings shared between the forum and Facebook group each month. The amount of information being exchanged is staggering and so much gets buried after just one week that I think putting select links/sites into a blog post will be a great… Read More »

Facebook Post

Good afternoon Folks! Hope your summer is off to a great start?  With the summer comes the inevitable slow down we experience each year so it forces me to dig deep and resort to some of the less desirable methods of making money. I shared this on Facebook and thought it also might be helpful… Read More »

New Facebook Group

Morning folks!  Quick FYI? I started a group  on Facebook and you are welcome to join in the fun if you’d like. To be brutally honest? I set the group up almost entirely to help spread the word about Coolworkideas – a source of free advertising if you will 🙂 but I also plan on… Read More »

Some Valuable Forum Postings

Hey Folks!  I had a little spare time this weekend so I decided to look through some of the Forum posts over the last year and pull some valuables that were buried in the heap of information. A lot of these you probably already have but its worth glancing at. They link back to the… Read More »

Issues With Subscribing To Forums

Sorry to blast out another blog post folks but I have to address this issue quickly… With regards to the new feature that allows users to subscribe to the forum,  Some members have been unable to sign up and apparently this is an issue I cant resolve related to Word Press, the blog software. If you wanted to… Read More »

Subscribe To Forum Posts

Hello Folks!!! Extremely busy over here so going to make this short and sweet but this is very exciting news. I am extremely happy to share this new blog feature with everyone! Finally after months of struggling I have finally figure out how to set up an email alert program for posts made in the Forums. Up until now the… Read More »

EarnHoney Subscribers

Ok folks I need to ask everyone a HUGE favor.  As I have said many times before- when I started this blog? I could have promoted ‘garbage’ sites that offered fantastic referral programs. It became apparent to me real fast that most sites that pay you for referrals? Did so for a reason and that… Read More »

Cool Work Ideas Recap – July 19, 2015

The summer is now in full swing and unfortunately for us this means our online work opportunities slow down dramatically. All we can do is keep searching and hope we find the few decent opportunities that are offered. There still is a rather steady supply of market research & focus group opportunities surfacing daily so whenever you… Read More »

Sorry Folks – Had Some Site Issues!

Hey everybody, quick post here. I was playing with some plugins for the blog and ended up crashing the site like a dummy 🙁 Lucky for me I was able to restore everything except the last few days which included a blog post and also messages on the forum. My bad and although some great… Read More »

Cool Work Ideas Recap – June 28, 2015

Busy week!  Hope this message finds everyone doing great! Just wanted to post a recap of some important tidbits. Very important folks!  if you are using a site and its confusing and you need some help? or maybe you have tips to share?  Take full advantage of the forums and ask away!  Remember- I don’t… Read More »