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A Few Odds & Ends

Hi Folks!  Just wanted to put together a rush rush post with some updates and odds/ends. Hope this message finds everyone doing well!!! FusionCash– Fusion cash just added a new feature which acts as an incentive to visit the site daily. You can earn a quick $1+ each day just for visiting the site and performing… Read More »

Mock Jury Focus Group

I found this opportunity on Craigslist earlier today while performing my daily ritual for focus group opportunities. A Mock Jury study. These opportunities are snagged real fast so its very wise to visit Craigslist Gigs/Jobs several times throughout the day and respond immediately when you see one that looks desirable. See an earlier posting for more on this strategy.… Read More »

They Find Work for You, Then Pay You Damn Well for It. Thanks, InspiredOpinions

It’s like money in the bank, the simplest part-time job on the planet. And the “work” is over so quickly that my car seat is usually still warm when I’m ready to leave. Am I weird for feeling a little like a mob heavy, visiting a local biz in need of my “protection,” and chatting for a bit before collecting my weekly payoff?